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A not-for-profit, tech-for-good company that makes employee volunteering simple. We’re connectors for good, building bridges across private, public and third sectors, because connection always beats isolation. 

Employee volunteering made simple

How does it work?

Step 1

Business chooses the subscription tier that is right for them and signs up to start supporting their people and communities through employee volunteering.

Step 2

Charities sign up for free and upload their volunteering opportunities with support from our charity relationship team.

Step 3

Employees receive their registration email, create their profiles, and are matched with their perfect volunteering opportunities!

You’ll be in great company

When Steve met George...


80-year old George lives alone and wanted to be able to use technology to connect with his family, but he’d never used the internet. It was a great moment when he received a video call from his daughter for the first time.

Volunteering has been more rewarding and enjoyable than I expected. I’ve been to see George several times and my fiance says I am always happy when I get home, and it’s true. So delighted my employer Ninja Kiwi signed us up to Social Good Connect.

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When Gill met Suzie...


When Gill Donald returned to work after maternity leave, she was looking to mix it up a bit.

The HR Business Manager from Forth Valley College browsed the opportunities on the Social Good Connect platform and within weeks was matched with Suzie Repova MSEd., founder of Catesbi, which looks to empower parents and understand childrens’ behaviour.

Gill said “I feel as if this is the perfect match in that I’m lending my HR knowledge and skills to a small Board that welcomes the structure and expertise, but the nature of the role means I’m also learning new skills while I’m helping.”

Suzie said: “Her HR expertise and input has been phenomenal right from the first meeting, and I know the other non-exec Board members feel the same way.  Having her support helps us see things from a different perspective.

“Thank you SGC, that was the easiest online recruitment in the history of online recruiting”.

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When Sue met Linda...


When Thorntons joined Social Good Connect at the start of the pandemic, Sue found that volunteering brought a sense of purpose to her and many of her furloughed colleagues.

She decided to take a step away from her usual ‘solutions-oriented’ approach and develop her listening skills as a befriender for people living with cancer.

Linda from Tayside Cancer Support said: ‘It’s a delicate role that needs intelligent listening skills, empathy (as opposed to sympathy), an understanding of counselling techniques and an appreciation that it’s not about giving solutions, advice or opinions.’

Sue said of her experience: ‘It’s really satisfying to know for sure that I’m making a difference to someone who needs support. I get direct feedback on that and it makes me feel good.’

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From our Members

‘The difference between Social Good Connect and other sources of volunteers or other platforms is that it takes time-consuming admin away from us and we can rely on the team to keep us informed of new applicants. It’s so useful to have someone to manage the journey with each volunteer who applies.’

Lynda Clark

Morton Fraser

‘It’s a quality one-stop shop for employee volunteering. The platform is easy, transparent and appealing to business professionals who want to put their skills to good use in the community, based on tailored matches. It makes sense for a firm’s employees to lend their considerable skills and expertise by helping charities who need input from willing professionals in all walks of business.’

Sam Pattman

Baillie Gifford

‘Signing up to the platform helps you bring to life your intentions to help the community. It’s a practical way of practising what you preach if you’re a purpose-driven organisation.’

Lisa Thomson


‘Social Good Connect gives people the green light to get out and help people outside their workplace role. Convenience is just as important as the willingness and as a tool, the Social Good Connect platform is easy to use, so there’s no barrier to getting involved.’

Craig Paterson-Cheyne


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Meet SAM

Meet SAM, our digital volunteering search and match platform, which enables employees volunteer for the causes they care about, on their terms.

SAM’s passion above all else is people and finding the right volunteering opportunities that gives them purpose.

Nothing makes him happier than collecting information, stirring in his secret sauce, and generating that perfect match.

Life with Social Good Connect:

our customers tell us what really....

You help us Measure our success

You give us Access to a wide range of charities

Searches on your platform are Tailored and personal

We feel like we’re in it Together with the Social Good Connect Team

The platform is Easy to use

We love how surplus profits are Reinvested in our charities and communities

This is an easy way for us to make a positive Social impact

Join the SGC Membership

See your employees volunteering statistics in real time and create community impact reports to promote your organisation as a company who cares to all stakeholders

We don’t charge per user as we believe in giving your whole team the chance to get involved and experience the positive impact of employee volunteering.

Our Business Relationship Managers will support you every step of the way to launch and promote Social Good Connect within your company.

This includes an employee onboarding webinar for all tiers and regular live engagement webinars for Go Connect and Go Collaborate members.

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