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Social Good Connect enables you and your team to make a positive impact in society

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For Charities

We know that recruiting new volunteers can be time consuming - despite increased use of technology, many charities tell us word of mouth is still the most common way to recruit volunteers.

All of this changes with our new volunteer recruitment platform that connects charities with employees.

We can help you create effective adverts, reach a wide audience of skilled volunteers, and improve your online presence.

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For Employers

We know that you care about your employees. You want to help your staff develop their skills and make a positive impact in the communities where you work and live.

We also understand that finding the time to encourage staff to take up volunteering opportunities and measure the impact is no mean feat.

We have created a simple search and connect platform that will make this easy for you - employees can even try micro-volunteering and give back to the causes they care about without having to leave their desk!

For Employees

We know that you are an individual who has their own passions outside of work.

You may have causes you care deeply about or you might have thought about volunteering but never had the opportunity or don't know where to start. We have made it easy for you.

Your employer can sign you up to the platform which will enable you to connect to volunteering opportunities tailored to your location, skill, or passion.

Bringing People Together

Discover how Social Good Connect can transform the way Employees and Charities impact communities
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What Others Are Saying

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"Excited to find out more and get engaged with this initiative" Lewis Dawson, MD
Cantraybridge College testimonial logo
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Cantraybridge College
"Wow, volunteers are a lifeline for us, can’t wait for this!" Jenny Liddell CEO
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Broker Insights
"An easy way to encourage our team to make a difference" Iain Crole, EVP
Edinburgh Children’s Hospital testimonial logo
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Edinburgh Children’s Hospital
"Love this, its a win-win for the private and charity sector, when can we sign up!" Roslyn Neely, CEO