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Zudu: Why we joined Social Good Connect

25 November 2021

We spoke to James Buchan, managing director at Zudu, the digital agency

James Buchan, Zudu

Why did you sign up with Social Good Connect?

It made sense for us. We’re involved in various social good projects and as a team we really enjoy working with clients who work for social good. To be involved with Social Good Connect adds value to how we feel and what we do.

Why was now a good time for you to join?

We’re a 25-strong agency and growing, and I’m keen to keep building a positive workplace culture as we expand. I’m based in Dundee and have been following Social Good Connect’s journey since it began. I think being part of a such a focused employee volunteering initiative will add value to our people’s lives. Until now, we’ve done periodic projects, but this gives our employees a real focal point for creating social good regularly.

What do you like about the Social Good Connect concept and the way it works?

Being on the platform and sharing our activities and feedback in our weekly meetings can easily become part of our company processes. Not only can we create individual profiles and volunteer that way, but I’m interested in what we might be able to do for the community as a team. I think it could work really well for companies with small teams.

What would success with employee volunteering look like to you?

Engaged employees who share positive feedback and who enjoy adding value personally AND as part of a positive workplace culture. We’re particularly interested in helping young people make good destination choices in life and in helping with environmental issues like cleantech. This partnership could really help us get behind more of those causes and projects.

What would you say to other businesses thinking of signing up?

People often worry about time constraints, but the benefits of employee volunteering will outweigh any concerns about having enough time to get involved. I like giving time to socially responsible projects, and I also think it can improve our productivity longer term.

Want to get involved?

Interested in finding out more about how Social Good Connect can help you enhance a positive company culture? Get in touch with our Business Engagement Manager, Sarah, to find out more!

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