Why Volunteers will Always Be Needed - Not Just for the Pandemic

Why Volunteers will Always Be Needed – Not Just During the Pandemic

16 June 2020

At Social Good Connect, we accelerated our ‘go-live’ date by six months in direct response to the current crisis. However, our platform was in fact created to solve a problem which has existed far longer than Covid-19. Volunteer recruitment is a perpetual headache for charities who often have multiple staff working full-time in this area.

The task of attracting volunteers, managing applications, and recruiting quality candidates requires a huge amount of time and money which could be better spent elsewhere. We wanted to give charities a solution to volunteer recruitment that would allow them to redirect this resource to more impactful activities.

Volunteering and Covid-19

We think we can speak for everyone when we say how uplifting it has been to see the collective outpouring of support in response to the pandemic. Over 750,000 people signed up to support the NHS in England through their quickly created GoodSam app, and similarly in Scotland, tens of thousands of volunteers pledged their support to Ready Scotland.

The sheer number of willing volunteers has in fact overwhelmed the system; an unprecedented scenario in itself. Charities which have invested huge amounts of money and hundreds of staff hours for years trying to attract new volunteers, now find themselves with so many helpers that they are having to turn people down.

It is wonderful that so many people are willing and able to volunteer at the moment while furloughed or working from home. But we must remember that this is not a short-term issue, and as we all begin to go back to work and life gradually returns to normal (whatever that may look like now), these charities will still need our help.

A long-term solution

We are so delighted that Social Good Connect has been able to be expedited to provide extra support in a time of need and we have already seen some great collaborations taking place. We have been inspired by the willing support of the business community and their desire to help both their furloughed employees and the third sector organisations who need delivery drivers, painters, resources, and more.

Our organisation was created with a clear purpose: To create a world where people are inspired to make a positive social impact.

In everything we do, we strive towards this purpose, and we will continue to support employer led volunteering as we move through the recovery and renewal phases post lockdown.

Social impact is the future of business

We have spoken extensively about how we believe that social impact is the future of business. Corporate social responsibility is no longer a differentiator but an expected business practice, and investing in employer led volunteering is a great way to strengthen your company culture and bring impact into the core of your business.

If you are still unsure then you can read our thoughts on why you should offer your employees volunteering hours here. If you are interested in getting involved in employer led volunteering, and supporting your community through the crisis and beyond then please get in touch with us!

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