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What is team synergy?

15 August 2022

So what is team synergy then? Well, team synergy is a type of teamwork where different departments and/or colleagues merge their efforts for a greater combined effect. Each employee leverages their strengths and unique ideas to achieve much better results than would have been possible individually. 

This allows a more efficient use of resources and data, which in turn streamlines operations, helps build high performing teams and improves overall efforts. 

This can lead to improved strategic partnerships which in turn helps companies grow.

What are the benefits of team synergy?

Every business can benefit from team synergy. From improved company values and marketing efforts, to increased revenue and better staff retention, there are a fair few advantages: 

Stronger marketing efforts 

Company culture and values go a long way in marketing a company, and when a team has a great culture and exceeds expectations, it (almost) markets itself. Additionally, synergy between departments means marketing efforts and resources are combined.

Increased revenue

When teams and employees work together, they can combine resources, insight and knowledge, which leads to more effective operations and marketing efforts. This in turn generates more revenue and capital, as companies can work on larger projects and undergo expansion.  

Increased cost savings

When departments and employees work together in synergy, processes are merged which allows reductions in operational costs elsewhere. For example, every department might be working towards the same end goal, but using different tools or software to get there. Using one unified software and process helps save on licences and resources, therefore reducing costs. 

Improved employee morale

Synergy can hugely improve employee morale as it allows the team to work more efficiently, freeing up more time. This also means companies can introduce team building activities such as group volunteering, which has huge benefits. For example, 94% of people who volunteer feel a positive impact in their mood. (Find out more about the benefits of volunteering.) 

Promotes innovation

When team members from different departments work together, it facilitates innovation as people with different perspectives and insights share ideas. This can improve both product and service offerings, and helps companies attract more clients and increase sales.

Download our handy step-by-step guide to discover 7 ways to build team synergy in a hybrid world.

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