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Wells Gibson: Why we joined Social Good Connect

29 July 2021

We spoke to Jonathan Gibson, founder of Dundee financial planning firm, Wells Gibson.

Headshot of Jonathan Gibson, founder Wells Gibson
Jonathan Gibson

Why did you sign up with Social Good Connect?

I have absolutely no doubt that, increasingly, the great companies of the world will be the ones that contribute to causes and communities they care about. The rising B-Corp movement, and the growing emphasis on companies to take greater responsibility from an environmental, social and governance perspective are clear evidence of this.

Wells Gibson was founded with a deep-rooted belief that real wealth is about more than money and possessions. Real wealth is a fulfilled and purposeful life which is likely to be characterised by giving.  However, giving goes beyond money, as we all have time and talents to give. I think Social Good Connect is the perfect platform to help us give something of our time and talents in an intelligent way.

Why was now a good time for you to join?

We’re five years old and have always been a company who cares about giving, and we want on build on that. It feels like we’ve got a team who can make an impact, and the time is right. As an employer, I see the importance of employee wellbeing and the way we approach that is a good fit with the ‘healthy, happy and engaged employees’ message on your website. It’s important for people to develop new skills too, and volunteering can help us do that.

What do you like about the Social Good Connect concept and the way it works?

The home page of your website says ‘Connecting employees with volunteering opportunities’ and I like the transparency of that. What you offer is intelligent suggestions on how to do it, and that’s what we’re looking for.

It’s encouraging to see larger companies like Baillie Gifford, Gleneagles and Grant Thornton on board too. As a small SME we welcome the opportunity to be part of that same journey.

What would success with employee volunteering look like?

Success is about integrity. We see this new partnership as one of commitment, not convenience. We live in a world full of virtue-signalling, but we genuinely want to get involved and what matters is that we’re doing it, whether we shout about it or not. It’s what you do when no-one’s looking that really counts and I believe that our commitment will be reflected in the fabric of what we do.

We may look at introducing volunteering time into people’s contracts as well as organise a regular team volunteering effort.

What would you say to other businesses thinking of signing up?

If as a company you have causes and communities you care about, and you care about your team and want them to grow, then ‘just do it’!

You may ask yourself if you have time and you may wonder whether you have anything to offer personally, but the reality is we all have time and talents. What people often need, and this is made possible by Social Good Connect, is suggestions for how to actually make it happen. Being in this partnership may help to trigger something or ignite something in someone to go out and make a difference, and that’s the whole point. There is so much need out there and we intend to help both through team projects and encouraging people individually to engage on a personal level.

And, as a result of this initiative, our levels of staff volunteering outside (as well as within) the Social Good Connect framework may increase too, and that’s great – it’s all a step in the right direction.

Want to get involved?

Interested in finding out more about how Social Good Connect can help you enhance a positive company culture? Get in touch with our Business Engagement Manager, Sarah, to find out more!

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