Purpose HR: Why we joined Social Good Connect

Purpose HR: Why we joined Social Good Connect

9 April 2021

Continuing our ‘Get to Know Us’ Friday blog series, we have been speaking to some of our newest business partners about their work and why right now is the perfect time to invest in employee volunteering.

Next up Purpose HR, an HR Consultancy firm with purpose at the core. We spoke to Managing Director, Lisa Thomson, about why they felt Social Good Connect was a good fit for them.

Headshot of Lisa Thomson Managing Director of Purpose HR in front of a red brick wall
Lisa Thomson, Managing Director, PurposeHR

Why did you join Social Good Connect?

We loved what we saw when we learned about it as a sponsor of the Future X Startup Summit competition – Caroline was a finalist and it made us take a closer look. We’ve recommended the platform to several of our own clients since we joined!

Our business is about making people’s working lives better and as our name suggests, we are very purpose-led, so on principle we want to find more ways of giving back. It’s not easy to find ways for the team to volunteer their time, and this was a great, easy solution. We don’t just want to talk about it or see this as a bolt-on, we want to live and breathe it and for it to be part of everyone’s employment here.

We primarily work with clients in the technology, engineering and life sciences sectors. However, we’re increasingly also supporting #techforgood companies and social enterprises and so are really enjoying the chance to widen our exposure to this charity/third sector through volunteering too.

Why was now a good time for Purpose HR to join?

We’re growing as a business and this is the ideal way for us to practice what we preach as we grow our capacity. It’s really nice to be able to talk to candidates about it as we recruit. I want to lead from the front on our journey to becoming a B Corp.

We’re also really busy and time is a challenge, so we need a way to structure how we give back. Social Good Connect gives us the tools and the framework to work towards a more targeted way of helping others. It’s already a key part of our capacity planning.

What do you particularly like about the platform and the way it works?

It gives us an easy way to engage the whole team in giving back and it takes care of the admin. Because of our time constraints, it’s important to know that side of things is looked after. The sign-up process was simple and easy, and the Social Good Connect team are proactive and targeted, with real people sending us regular updates on new placement opportunities that genuinely match our profiles. That part is important – it’s not just a platform and a subscription, it’s a human team helping us make a difference. We also love the concept of taking bits of time during the working day and not just one big chunk of commitment.

What would success with employee volunteering look like?

Getting involved is optional and we value that freedom, but we’d like to get the whole team actively engaged, and we’d engage our clients too. We’ve already started on that!

What would you say to other businesses thinking of signing up?

Signing up to the platform helps you bring to life your intentions to help the community. It’s a lovely, practical way of practising what you preach if you’re a purpose-driven organisation.

Want to get involved?

Interested in finding out more about how Social Good Connect can help you manage meaningful employee volunteering activities with a busy work schedule? Give us a call!

Or join our community here to learn more.

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