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IMV Imaging: Why we joined Social Good Connect

30 April 2021

IMV Imaging is a veterinary imaging and diagnostics company employing over 100 people across the world. We recently interviewed managing director Gavin Mitchell in our new podcast series on purposeful leadership, and here we talk to HR Director Laura Tyrie about what IMV Imaging hopes to achieve through joining Social Good Connect.

Laura Tyrie IMV Imaging
Laura Tyrie, HR Director, IMV Imaging

Why did IMV Imaging join Social Good Connect?

We’ve organised lots of CSR initiatives in the past, but our activities had begun to fade shortly before the pandemic put a stop to any plans. We had been involved in all sorts of development work helping third world countries as well as more local activity, and the pandemic gave us a chance to review our entire CSR strategy. We were looking for a way for our employees to give back, connect with new charities and do what they wanted. Social Good Connect easily allowed us to do that and the presentation by your team motivated a lot of people to register their interest.

Why was now a good time for you to join?

We recently achieved the Investors in People Platinum award, and part of that was wanting to reach out to the wider community to enable us to make a difference in new ways.

We’re having an internal CSR re-launch and part of that is our CSR awards, to recognise brilliant commitments being made by employees in the community. We’ll be nominating colleagues, so people who volunteer through this platform and get recognised for their contribution will hopefully inspire more colleagues to sign up and get involved.  Our HR and marketing teams will work together to regularly review the reports we get about platform activity and the level of engagement, and we’ll increase our internal marketing activity if we think there’s more we could be doing as company.

What do you particularly like about the platform and the way it works?

The ability to enter your own unique skillset and experience in your profile. We only know a fraction of what our colleagues are capable of, good at or interested in, so to have a platform and process that allows them to choose how, where and when they give back, based on a profile match, rather than us trying to suggest what they might do, is really helpful.

As you might expect, the majority of our employees are committed to improving animal care and are interested in animal charities, but there are other causes our people would like to support, such as young people’s mental health, mental health generally and help for the elderly. I’ve had several enquiries from employees wanting to add charities to the platform, and it’s great that we can explore that with you too.

I also think that learning about the platform reminded our employees that there’s a need to get involved in society and start to emerge from our ‘own world’ bubbles. The pandemic has forced us all to stop and take a breath. We’ve been lucky to stay busy as a company, but it’s a good time to consider how we could give back more than we already are.

What would success look like?

I’d love to see at least half of our employees across the UK engaged with the platform and finding volunteering roles, whether that’s virtual roles or helping people in person. Even though it’s a busy time for us, we believe that most people can probably spare a bit of time to help someone in need. It might be more than that of course, but an hour or half-hour a fortnight or a month is probably do-able for most people.

The plan is to share with each other our stories of success as more and more people start to volunteer. That way we can inspire other colleagues across our departments and different countries to make an impact too, wherever they’re based.

What would you say to other businesses thinking of signing up?

Often people just don’t know where to start with volunteering. They don’t know where to go to find opportunities that suit them. Social Good Connect takes that barrier away. From a business perspective, signing up shows a commitment not only to CSR and to the communities you serve, but a commitment to employee engagement and wellbeing. The benefits are huge.

This isn’t just about ticking a CSR box, it is about engaging the whole business in something worthwhile, now and beyond the pandemic.  We speak about it often, but to be able to actually give back in this way is very fulfilling.

Want to get involved?

Interested in finding out more about how Social Good Connect can help you manage meaningful employee volunteering activities with a busy work schedule? Give us a call!

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