Celebrating Volunteers!

To each and every person below who gives their time in service of others expecting nothing in return – thank you. We want to celebrate you and everything you do.

Sandra Monero

Bridge the Gap Families in Need CIC

Sandra was nominated by Melissa who said:

‘Sandra has been my rock of Managing Bridge the gap-families in need CIC. She has been supportive in both my personal structure and the organisational structure and I appreciate all her support and dedication for all her hard work and commitment.’


In Sandra’s own words:

‘Volunteering means a lot to me as I have always be involved in voluntary work, I started out in my younger years as a volunteer before I came into social care as a paid worker.

Being a volunteer is very rewarding, it comes from your heart to give up your time; and giving something back that you love doing.  Giving a few hours of your time to support a great cause means nothing when you care. ‘

Linda Gray

Chirnside Common Good Association

Linda joined Chirnside Common Good Assoication in 1977 as their 100-club treasurer and secretary. She was Chair from 2000 to 2008, and has been the Secretary since then. But it’s not just that, she runs the local history group and has helped to organise exhibitions. Linda loves being involved in Village activities and finds it hard to say no when someone asks for her help. She says “If I can help in a small way to make a difference its worth all the hard work.”


Phillip Jeffries

Aberdeen Multicultural Centre

“It was great to be matched to the Aberdeen Multicultural Centre and help support them with the writing of proposals. Volunteering for me is exactly that, using my time and my skills to support others which enable them to go on to achieve great things. I hope to be able to support the AMC and other charities in the future”.

20/20 Business Insight

Hayley Mahon

Barnardo's/COVID-19 testing

“I’ve volunteered a couple of times, in quite different settings. First was Barnardo’s whilst I was working in health & social care, supporting children on the autism spectrum to access leisure activities. Then last year I volunteered at a COVID-19 testing site whilst I was furloughed from work. That was a very strange situation indeed!

I also spent a few weeks in India many years ago now, working with children at a night school. I’m currently looking for new volunteering opportunities – perhaps something that will help me find my new career path!”

Craig Small

PPE Delivery

“In 2020, while preparing myself and my team for redundancy after 34 years of working for Michelin, the pandemic of Covid hit the world and put it into chaos. This was making it even more difficult to secure alternative employment. At the same time, I was contacted by Social Good Connect who asked for help to deliver PPE to Scottish Care Homes.After approaching my team, who were also eager to help play their part in fighting the pandemic, I organised a small team to help with deliveries throughout Scotland. The Care Homes, due to their vulnerability, were being particularly badly hit by the pandemic and were extremely grateful for the essential supplies.Both myself and my team are proud to have played our part in any way we could to help fight this terrible pandemic. Looking back, hopefully our efforts helped ease the burden put on Care Homes during the pandemic while they were trying to secure essential PPE for their staff.”

Customer Support Manager
Intelligent Growth Solutions

Holly Moore

Social Good Connect

Holly is one of a few incredible volunteers who helped support our non-profit’s big aims during our first year! We had very little marketing resource and Holly stepped in to provide invaluable support to our content marketing strategy. Using her impeccable writing and research skills, she provided us with regular, high-quality blog content and useful keyword research.

Holly is a superstar who constantly went over and above to support us, even as other responsibilities made her busier and busier. We were sad to see her go but so happy to see her taking the next steps in her career journey!

In her words:

‘My volunteer role gave me the opportunity to support Social Good Connect with their content marketing. Being able to assist such an inspiring start-up company in a professional capacity made me feel like I was helping to make a difference and that I was able to offer something valuable. It was a pleasure to be a part of their journey.’


Jackie Campbell

“My career experience gave me the skills, the network and the confidence to “ask nicely”.
There is no better feeling than connecting individuals or businesses with a view to creating a benefit for a wonderful charitable organisation, such as CHAS.”

Ryan McCuaig

Who Cares? Scotland & Lawcare

“I volunteer with two charities. I chair the board of trustees of Who Cares? Scotland, a charity which provides advocacy, connection opportunities and campaigns for people who have experienced the care system as children. Chairing the board provides an opportunity to use my legal and business skills to contribute to work that I am very passionate about, having had experience of the care system myself from the age of 6. During my time on the board, I have had the chance to get involved in recruitment, updating policies and procedures, budgeting and accounts, manage relationships with external stakeholders and also get involved in the campaigning work of the organisation and the really special things they do like volunteering at the annual summer camp for care experienced people and at their annual Care Family Christmas dinner for people who might otherwise be alone on Christmas Day. I also sit on the board of another charity, called Lawcare, who provide resources to improve the mental health and wellbeing of legal professionals. I joined that board in January 2021 and I am really excited to work with the rest of the board.”

Trainee Solicitor

Lynda Clark

“Our family spends time at weekends with a child from a disadvantaged home, helping give her carer some respite. Respite has so many advantages for carers and can help ease the burden of family caregiving, help to relieve stress, restore energy, and promote balance back in the carer’s life. Respite care also has benefits for us as a family and provides us with variety, stimulation, and a welcome change of routine.”

HR Manager
Morton Fraser

Lorraine Smith

Vaccine Centres, DRiNKLiNK, Inchture Bowling Club

“We get caught up in our busy lives and it’s too easy to forget there are people less fortunate or requiring support. I think it’s important to give back or in the case of the bowling club, be a team player and help. In terms of the vaccine centre, it’s about doing what you can to help get the country back on it’s feet and to some kind of normality as quickly as possible. It’s also a time in history I guess.    “How does it make her feel? – It’s rewarding to know I’m making a small contribution towards a positive change, making things a bit better for people or simply just helping.”

Project Manager

DC Thomson

Calum McPherson

Food Train

“As we all try to recover coming out of COVID lockdowns, too many to even think about, it’s so crucial we all do as much as we possibly can for kids and young people. A wise man once said “ It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken adults” so true !! For more info on what my amazing team are doing for kids and young people visit us @ www.growingbeyondtomorrow.co.uk

Founder & Managing Director, Golphin

Jack Crerar

PSYV & Fife Active Schools

“For two years I was an adult volunteer/senior adult volunteer with the other group in Dundee. This meant I now had responsibility to take full charge of group meetings and be more involved in the organisations of events so that the youths I was in charge of could have the same experiences I had. Being in a role that allowed me to work with young people, even though I wasn’t that much older, meant that I was able to help with issues they were facing and help to give them opportunities to showcase their skills to help them develop. In 2019 the young people I worked with gave me their Adult Volunteer of the Year award for the work I put in for them which was amazing given it was them who voted for me.

What started as a university placement to give me experience in sports marketing turned into a short-term voluntary role as the organisation were willing to keep me on. This meant I could continue to help out the Active Schools team, which is part of Fife Council, in giving

my knowledge of marketing to develop their marketing strategy. I would be involved in data analysis, talking through how to generate online engagement and how to develop social media posts. This role was really fun to volunteer at because it gave me the chance to gain experience, meet people who work in that field everyday (meaning I had the chance to learn a lot) and find out more about sports services that are available in Fife.”

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