5 unusual volunteering roles that SGC can help you fill

5 unusual volunteering roles that Social Good Connect can help you fill

15 July 2021

Think your charity doesn’t need volunteers? Think again! You might not be accustomed to working with regular volunteers but trust us, there are myriad unusual volunteering roles that could help your charity reach its aims.

At Social Good Connect we work with charities and social impact organisations with varying sizes, experience, aims and motivations. They range from rom tiny Community Interest Companies with a couple of trustees to nationally recognised organisations like Shelter Scotland. Not all of our charity partners are used to working with volunteers, but all of them could benefit from the support of a few passionate and skilled individuals.

There are many ways that volunteers can support your organisation outside of traditional, direct impact roles.

Here are some of our favourite examples of unusual volunteering roles, all of which are ‘live; opportunities on the Social Good Connect volunteering platform.

1. Volunteer Animator to help inspire Zero Food Waste Heroes – Plan Zheroes

This food donation platform helps businesses donate their surplus food to local charities, preventing unnecessary waste in landfills and supporting people affected by food poverty.

They work hard to reach as many businesses as they can and they want to create a short animation to help bring their mission to life and add a little zing to their website!

This is a great example of the kind of work volunteers can help with. For an employee with a passion for design, or a freelancer who is just starting out and looking to expand their portfolio – this is a perfect opportunity.

Updating the website and stepping up the digital marketing effort are two of the best things a charity can do to increase visibility and awareness  of their cause. Recruiting volunteers with experience in SEO, web design, videography or animation is a great way to improve digital presence.

2. Flag Flyers – Sepsis Research and Mary’s meals

Speaking of raising awareness, your website is only one of the ways to get your charity in front of new audiences.

Some charities have taken their awareness-raising mission to the next level with the help of community volunteers who fly the flag of the cause.

Sepsis Research know that Sepsis continues to be a ‘silent killer’ due to a lack of public awareness of five key symptoms. They’re looking for volunteers to conduct presentations and take part in Q&A presentations virtually and in-person to draw attention to the indicators of this treatable disease and to their charity’s important work.

Mary’s Meals are committed to providing every child one daily meal in their place of education. In order to raise awareness of  their work , they need the support of volunteers who can shout about their cause on social media, host virtual talks or quizzes, or visit community groups to generate support for their work.

This is such a simple way for volunteers who care about your charity’s work to get involved. Recruiting volunteers to share content and promote your organisation on social media and in the community gives you access to new audiences and works wonders for word-of-mouth referrals.

3. Grant proposal writing – Aberdeen Multicultural Centre

Lengthy fundraising applications that require different information for every grant can be an exhausting time drain for charitable organisations, and yet this work is vital for any charity. Why not recruit a writer to help share the load?

A good writer can make reduce arduous grant application mountains to manageable molehills. And that’s not all.

Recruiting a skilled volunteer writer to contribute newsletters, blog articles, and website copy will elevate your visibility as an organisation and help drive home the impact and importance of your work to a wider audience.

A volunteer writer can also help tell your story in a fresh way – one that touches hearts and inspires donations (from both from funders and the public!).

4. Virtual Art and Music Therapy – Angus Carer’s Centre

The Angus Carers Centre is there to provide support to people responsible for caring for elderly or disabled individuals, and to help them to take a break when they need it too.

Like all of us, they’ve had to learn how to support their community online throughout the pandemic, and with in-person events out the window, Angus Carers Centre got creative!

They’re currently looking for volunteers to host Zoom calls with different activities and performances to engage carers and the cared-for. They need volunteers who just want to have fun, and give them the opportunity to set their creativity free by hosting anything from live music performances to arts and crafts tutorials.

If navigating the ‘new normal’ while providing the same level of support for your beneficiaries has left you stumped for ideas, or in much need of some practical support – why not turn to skilled volunteers to help?

5. Business and Strategy Planning – Skilz Academy

Skilz Academy are devoted to building a brighter future through sport. They aim to improve health and wellbeing, improve opportunity and build stronger communities.

Their current charity and operations strategy is coming to an end and they are looking to create a new strategy for 2021-23 to help them develop and grow their community support.

This is the perfect opportunity for volunteers with experience of creating and implementing organisational strategies, or people with a good understanding of strategy through their wider community roles (perhaps they’re already governors, church-leaders or youth centre leaders). They may belooking for an opportunity to put their passion into practice!

Want to find out more about unusual volunteering roles?

Don’t underestimate the kind of skilled advice and support that volunteers can offer! Unusual volunteering roles can include anything from business and strategy support, to marketing advice and event planning, or simply championing your cause wherever they go – if you need some support with it, a volunteer could help.

If you want to find out more about recruiting skilled volunteers for your organisation through Social Good Connect, do get in touch with Nick, our Customer Engagement Executive, who would be delighted to answer any further questions.

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