4 reasons why you should try virtual volunteering

4 reasons why you should try virtual volunteering.

1 July 2021

Over the last couple of years it feels like almost everything has become virtual. There are virtual meetings, virtual pub quizzes, you can even try virtual volunteering! These days giving back in your pyjamas has never been so easy. It may seem like an unfamiliar concept but it has actually been growing in popularity for a while now. 

We support volunteering in any form and we’re all for making it as easy and accessible as possible. So, here is a rundown of some of the benefits that come from remote volunteering and why you should give it a chance. 

1. Flexibility with virtual volunteering

Virtual volunteering enables enormous amounts of flexibility! Being able to squeeze in thirty minutes of volunteering in the evening or on your lunch break is so easy to do remotely.

Imagine laying on the sofa, snacks in one hand, laptop in the other, writing a blog post for a charity. Remote volunteering is something you can take part in comfortably in your own space and is so easy to do. Giving your time to a charity has never been so easy! 

Before, juggling volunteering with busy schedules may have seemed near impossible but now with the extra adaptability working remotely through the pandemic has pushed, it can be made so much more accessible for everyone. 

Those who face barriers to volunteering such as disabilities, time constraints or perhaps childcare issues have better opportunities to get involved with virtual volunteering.

2. There’s no commute!

There’s no commute with virtual volunteering – unless you count the walk from your bed to the desk! 

Giving virtual volunteering a chance can save you time and money as there’s no longer the need to travel to an office or event to help out. It could even be more eco-friendly with your smaller carbon footprint, volunteering at home has multiple benefits. 

With studies showing that commuting can have a negative impact on mental health and more people choosing to continue working from home as a result of this, it makes sense that volunteering and charity work would follow suit. Reducing commuting time whether it’s for work or volunteering, maximises leisure time, improves wellbeing, and is just another reason to feel good about giving back.

3. Try virtual volunteering and help out anywhere you like.

Virtual volunteering doesn’t just cut the travel time, it also gives you the opportunity to work for a charity anywhere. 

Working remotely no longer limits you to assisting a charity based locally to you, giving you the chance to volunteer for a cause you are truly passionate about, no matter the distance.. 

Virtual volunteering takes away the barrier of location alongside other hindrances such as not having a driving license or living in a rural area. Not only this, but those who prefer to work solo or in the comfort of their own home can be given the chance to do so with virtual volunteering. 

4. The opportunities are endless!

Just as the world has had to adapt to working remotely throughout Covid-19, so too have many charities, and so the opportunities for volunteering from home are more varied than ever. 

There are a whole host of volunteering opportunities that you can support online, from hosting a virtual fundraising quiz, to assisting with social media posts, there is something for everyone.

As the charity sector has had to pivot their services online, volunteers with IT skills and those technically minded are more important than ever. Charities have faced many challenges with becoming remote and so support from volunteer with a variety of skills from volunteers is extremely valuable to them. 

Virtual volunteering is also an opportunity for your own professional development and can give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience, such as sitting on a board as a trustee, or receiving training and on-hand experience in a new department before taking the plunge in your career. 

Want to get involved?

There’s many reasons why you should give virtual volunteering a chance, from trying something new and unusual, to finding more accessible roles, you’re sure to find an opportunity that suits your needs. If you want to find out more about how to get involved with this kind of volunteering, please get in touch with us!

Or join our community here, to find out more about the unexpected benefits of volunteering and all things social impact!

Written by Reilly Russell

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