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Social Good Connect vs doing it yourself (introducing our friend SAM)

7 September 2021

We speak a lot at Social Good Connect about the meaningful benefits of employee volunteering for businesses, employees and their communities. In fact, we’re always shouting about how being more purposeful with your community impact as a business can help improve employee wellbeing, build a positive reputation, increase customer legacy and grow networks.

Today we want to share what it means to work with us to implement an employee volunteering programme vs doing it yourself. And, more importantly, we want to introduce you to a very special someone…

Meet SAM

SAM is what we call our search and match volunteering platform. From a seedling of an idea in our first design workshops, to an awkward teenager during our accelerated platform launch, and now an ambitious young thing with big dreams, SAM has grown up a lot over the last few years!

SAM loves social impact, positivity and pizza, but his passion above all else is finding the perfect volunteering opportunities for employees to suit their skills, passions, and interests.

He was built to solve a problem for businesses who want to do good in the community and offer employee volunteering, but who don’t have a simple place to find these opportunities.He works hard to create positive impact for companies, communities and employee volunteers. 

Nothing makes SAM happier than collecting information, stirring in his secret sauce, and generating that perfect volunteering match. He can save you and your team a huge amount of time and energy when it comes to employee volunteering.

So, what’s the difference between working with Social Good Connect (and SAM) and doing it yourself?

Doing it yourself means:

  • Creating an employee volunteering policy
  • Researching your team’s interests and passions
  • Researching local charities to support
  • Reaching out to these charities to co-ordinate volunteer opportunities
  • Searching for team days (less likely to create big impact for charities), manually matching employees to volunteering opportunities, or leaving it up to staff to work it all out themselves (you have a v busy team, how likely are they to do this?)
  •  Attempting to measure the impact you’ve made through employee surveys and spreadsheets

With Social Good Connect, we make things easy:

  • Download our ready-to-use employee volunteer policy if you don’t already have one
  • Give your whole team access to the platform to enter their own interests and skills
  • Watch them be intelligently matched to the high-impact volunteering opportunities that meet their needs
  • Access support from our team every step of the way – from creating an onboarding plan to set your whole team up for volunteering, to receiving support for finding team day opportunities, we always go above and beyond to meet your team’s needs
  • Join our quarterly networking events to hear expert speakers and get to know the other purposeful and passionate business leaders using Social Good Connect
  • Finally, measure your impact at a glance, see which causes matter most to your team members and keep track of  how many of your colleagues are getting stuck into volunteering

Made up your mind?

If you’ve decided that creating community impact and supporting your team’s wellbeing with Social Good Connect is the solution for you (or if you’ve not quite decided yet), why not give our Business Engagement Manager, Sarah, a call to find out how to get started?

Written by Betty Henderson

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