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Social Good Connect: How does the platform work?  

25 November 2021

Social Good Connect’s trusty search and match platform, SAM has grown up a lot since our early launch in May 2020. From a seedling of an idea in our first design workshops, to an awkward teenager during our accelerated platform launch, and now an ambitious young thing with big dreams – SAM has been through a lot of changes!

He was built to solve a problem for businesses who want to do good in the community and offer employee volunteering but don’t have an easy place to find these opportunities, and he works hard every day to create positive impact for companies, communities and employee volunteers. 

Nothing makes him happier than collecting information, stirring in his secret sauce, and generating that perfect match and today we want to let you know how he does this!

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If you’re a business who wants to get their team volunteering 

One of the biggest benefits for companies using Social Good Connect is the ability to offer their team a unified employee volunteering programme that also factors in individual choice and flexibility.  

Business users of the platform are supported by our customer success team to introduce and engage the whole team in employee volunteering.  

Depending on which tier you’re signed up to, this can include: 

  • Dedicated onboarding support from our Business Relationship Managers  
  • A Welcome Webinar and launch plan to get your whole team excited about employee volunteering 
  • Regular check-ins down the line to ensure your company is on track to reach your employee volunteering goals  
  • Bespoke team volunteering days 
  • Access to our Social Good Business Club where businesses learn from each other and attend quarterly talks by social impact experts  

Getting started 

Launching a new initiative such as an employee volunteering program can be a daunting task, especially if it’s not something your company has done before. This is why we work closely in partnership with a ‘key contact’ from your business who will take the lead with promoting and rolling out the programme within the company.  

Our business relationship managers provide the relevant resources and training to get people engaged with volunteering and maximise your community impact.  

SAM (our search and match platform) works hard to find the right volunteering opportunities for your whole team that match their skills, interests and hobbies. The ‘key contact’ is able to track their team’s activity on the platform and view impact reports in the reporting dashboard.  

But, of course, the real value of employee volunteering goes beyond the ‘hours completed’ and ‘number of employees signed up’. The numbers only tell part of the story, and the truth is that one volunteer giving up even just one hour of their time, can make a difference to someone’s life. Prashant’s work with ACE IT just goes to show how impact is about more than just the numbers. 

Prashant supported an elderly person to get up to speed with some basic uses of technology and her feedback says it all:  

‘[Prashant] was very patient, very good – in fact he is brilliant at what he does! I’m going to gather some more questions so that we can continue this in our next appointment. I hadn’t realised I was getting nervous about using my computer. You have given me my confidence back!’ 

If you’re an employee who wants to volunteer 

If you’re an employee who wants to make a difference like this in their community, getting involved couldn’t be easier.  

If your employer is a member, you can quickly and easily create a profile using the signup link provided during the Welcome Webinar (or you can request a registration email any time using this link). It takes less than five minutes to fill out your basic information, a quick bio about yourself, and tick boxes to select your preferences. Then you’re all good to go! 

Once you’re set up you’ll start receiving personalised recommendations of opportunities suited to your skills, interests and hobbies. You can view these in the ‘recommended for you’ section of the home page and you will be notified by email anytime a new match is added. You can also browse opportunities by searching for location, or using keywords to find different opportunities.  

To apply, or ask further questions about an opportunity, simply click on an opportunity, and type your response into the text box at the bottom. The charity will get back in touch with you via email within a couple of days.  

One of the biggest benefits for companies using Social Good Connect is the ability to offer their team a unified employee volunteering programme that also factors in individual choice and flexibility.

If you’re a charity seeking volunteers 

Charities or any non-profit organisation looking for volunteers can sign up via this link to get their profile created and start uploading opportunities.  

For anyone looking for a little extra support, our Charity Relationship Manager can provide extra resources and advice and will always go the extra mile to help fulfil specific volunteering requests. 

Non-profits receive applications via an email notification from the platform. They can then either use their own volunteering induction processes to get started with the new volunteers or if they’re new to working with volunteers, Social Good Connect can provide the necessary resources and advice.  

Want to find out more? 

If you want to learn more about how SAM can support your company’s social impact goals, why not book a call with our Business Engagement Manager, Sarah to get started? 

Or join our community here to stay in the know with all the latest social impact news and volunteering opportunities.

Written by Betty Henderson

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