How to spot the Social Good Champions in your company

How to spot the Social Good Champions in your company.

14 January 2022

When it comes to creating positive impact through employee volunteering, there is one key secret to success: a Social Good Champion.  

A Social Good Champion is the person within your company who will take ownership of introducing, managing, and getting the whole team excited about volunteering.  

This person will work closely with the team at Social Good Connect to launch the employee volunteering programme within their organisation and keep everyone updated with any impact and good news stories their teammates have created.  

Generally, the Social Good Champion takes on this role in addition to their other duties and it often falls to someone within the HR or Marketing departments. However, more importantly than their job title, there are certain characteristics that make a great Social Good Champion. 

Here’s how to spot the Social Good Champion in your company:  

1. They are socially minded 

You need someone who really cares about their community, and understands the importance of sustainability, social impact, and socially responsible business in general. It may be that they volunteer in their own time or that they are the kind of person who regularly organises or gets involved in community projects within the company.  

It’s not always simple to get a whole team of people enthusiastic about giving their time to volunteer, so the Social Good Champion must be someone who really believes in the benefits of employee volunteering and will muck in and get involved themselves.  

2. They are approachable and friendly 

The Social Good Champion should be someone who people feel comfortable sharing their volunteering wins or concerns with. They should be genuinely interested in getting to know their teammates better and will enjoy hearing about volunteering they have been doing recently. 

Similarly, if people are struggling to fit volunteering into their busy workdays or have any blockers to getting involved with a volunteering role that they’re interested in, they should feel able to raise this with the Social Good Champion in order to come up with a solution. 

The Social Good Champion should be aware of their teammates’ attitudes towards employee volunteering and have a good sense of how to communicate the value and need for it in a way that works for them and their company.  

3. They are well respected 

Following on from the previous point, the Social Good Champion should be someone who’s well respected. This doesn’t mean they need to have a senior role within the company, just that they are someone whose teammates will listen to and follow their lead. They should be a kind of ‘influencer’ type, who is able to encourage colleagues to attend webinars or get stuck in to team volunteering activities.  

Is there someone in the team who’s great at rallying the troops for socials or bake sales or any given activity? They might be your Social Good Champion! 

4. They have a ‘can-do’ attitude 

As well as encouraging their colleagues to get involved, the Social Good Champion should be someone who’s willing to lead by example and get stuck into volunteering themselves. Introducing employee volunteering and driving team engagement can be a slow-burn so they should be someone who’s patient, creative, resourceful, and willing to muck in and make things happen.  

They should be someone who enjoys a challenge and recognises that big impact with employee volunteering doesn’t happen overnight but will take time and energy to achieve.  

What’s in it for them? 

Other than the satisfaction that comes from making a difference in the community and supporting their teammates to lend their skills and passions for good, the Social Good Champion will likely develop some new skills of their own in the process. It’s a great role to be able to call on when going for promotions, in future interviews, or to add to their LinkedIn profile.  

They will join a community of Social Good Champions from other member businesses that work with Social Good Connect and will be able to share ideas, problems, questions, and enthusiasm with a network of likeminded individuals. As well as being invited to a quarterly member’s only Business Club event with speakers who’ve been in their shoes before and can offer advice and solutions to their employee volunteering questions.  

Want to get involved? 

If you’re interested in learning more about what it means to work with Social Good Connect and how we can help your company to create meaningful community impact, then why not book a call with one of our team to find out more?

  Or join our community to receive monthly updates on all things social responsibility.

Written by Betty Henderson

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