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The Tartan Blanket Co. X Share Warmth-a-thon

Go into the festive season with intention and share the warm fuzzy feeling that volunteering brings. Give just one hour of your time and see the difference you can make. Together, let's pledge 1,000 hours!

How does it work?


Fill out the form and pledge your hours by 18 October. Let us know if you need help finding a volunteering opportunity that matches with your skills!


All signed up? Download our pledge pack, do your volunteering work before 31 December and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of making a difference.


Let us know how many hours you complete and share the warmth on socials by tagging us and using #ShareWarmthAThon

Download our volunteering packs for volunteers, for businesses or for charities.


No! The Share Warmth-a-thon is open to everyone over the age of 18, members and non-members.  If you want to volunteer, you can take part by pledging how many hours you will give.

We can match you up with one of our charity partners, or if you have a specific charity in mind that you’d like to help then you can still be involved by pledging your hours, but you may have to arrange the volunteering yourself. 

We have over 250 charity partners, and we’ll match you with one of these based on your skills and preferences.

We have opportunities for photography, fundraising, tech support, financial advice, for drivers, befrienders, tutors, social media helpers, and those who just want to help! The list goes on. 

We’ll ask you for your interests and skills to help find your perfect match. Whether you’re looking for a one-off opportunity or something longer-term to get your teeth stuck into, we’ll do our best to find the ideal opportunity for you.

Yes! This campaign is all about sharing warmth. It’s about encouraging that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you do something kind for others expecting nothing in return. 

That’s why we want both volunteering-pros and newbies to pledge and encourage others to do the same. Any volunteering you’re doing already counts, just pledge the hours you intend on doing between now and 31 December.

This campaign is about encouraging 1000 hours of volunteering. It’s important that we can track hour to keep a running total of how much warmth we shared. 

You can download our volunteer hours tracker here if you want a little help. Remember to take pictures of your experience to document it as we love to see volunteers-in-action, even if it’s just a laptop selfie!

(We also may get in touch with you after you’ve completed your volunteering with a special thank you discount!)

We’ll be collecting pledges from 4 October – 18 October. After that, you have until 31 December to complete your pledged hours.

We’ll be in touch throughout the campaign to see how you’re getting on, and again at the end to hear about your experience!

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