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Volunteering during Covid-19 Guidelines

20 May 2020

The number of people who have expressed an interest in volunteering during the current crisis is admirable. There has never been a greater collective need, but at the same time, there has never been such a significant outpouring of support from the general public, Ready Scotland received over 30,000 applications in their first weekend alone.

There are many opportunities to volunteer online, things such as telephone befriending, online tutoring and digital support are incredibly valuable services right now. But, equally, there is a huge need for face-to-face volunteers; delivery drivers, foodbank services, dog walking, and supporting with shopping are among the most common requests.

If you are providing volunteer support in your community, here are some guidelines to help you stay safe.


Further Advice

If you have any further queries about how to stay safe while volunteering at the moment, check out these helpful resources:

Ready Scotland

Volunteer Scotland


British Red Cross

NHS Inform

UK Gov

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