Business Scotland: 'Connecting for good - don't stop giving employees time to work in their communities' - Social Good Connect

Business Scotland: ‘Connecting for good – don’t stop giving employees time to work in their communities’

20 July 2021

The more I talk to Scottish businesses about social impact and giving back, the more heartened I am to witness a genuine shift towards more meaningful community support. But as restrictions ease and isolation subsides, I’m keen to see vital activity such as employee volunteering stay buoyant.

Business leaders are happy to support a non-profit social enterprise that encourages their employees to volunteer time and expertise. With their employer’s support and in a multitude of ways for every kind of charity, hundreds of skilled professionals have been helping overstretched charities and struggling communities. As Calum McPherson from Golphin put it, “if you can help your people contribute to society by helping them volunteer on work time in a supportive framework, why wouldn’t you?”

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