Mind Your P's - Season 1 Highlights

Hosted By: Caroline McKenna

Mind Your P’s – Season 1 Wrap: The Highlights


So that’s it, that’s a wrap! The first season of Mind Your P’s is done and dusted. We had such a diverse range of conversations with our guests about what purposeful leadership means to them. Over the last 14 episodes, we discussed a range of issues that leaders are facing in the world as it exists today, so we’ve compiled just some of the highlights that you can take away and learn from.

‘Just ask’ – one simple question, but with big payoffs

One of the common threads that came up throughout the series is how we can often overlook that one simple question. As we discovered, a fair few of our Mind Your P’s guests had great stories to tell because they had the courage to ask someone, who they had previously thought was out of reach, for help. They told us about how most of the time people were happy to help, and it helped them realise that some things were in closer reach

Bruce Walker in Episode 4 says that often, things aren’t as complicated as you think, and to just go for it!

Darina Garland in Episode 1 told us that no one is inaccessible, and that’s a core mantra of Ooni Pizza Ovens.

Josh Littlejohn in Episode 12 managed to get Richard Branson and Bill Clinton come to speak at his events in Edinburgh. How do you think he did that? Hard work and good use of the A-word (A for asking, for those of you who were wondering).

‘Hire based on values’ – a no exceptions rule

Our Mind Your P’s guests talked about how they scouted out the right kind of talent for their team, saying that one of the biggest things they learned is to hire based on your company values. If you don’t it just won’t fit. They all agree on one point: that if you hire based on experience alone, it’ll be like fitting a round peg into a square hole, and there’s no way around it. In order to have a workforce passionate and united behind a purpose, they need to embody the values that your organisation has.

Andy Lothian in Episode 2 said that if you follow your purpose, the right people will come to you.

Emma Macdonald in Episode 5 said if they’re not the right fit – it’s best to let them go to a place where they have the right culture fit and can flourish, otherwise it’s just a negative experience for both of you.

‘Lead with transparency’ – and your team might have the answers you need

When asked what some of the most important traits are for leaders, transparency within your team was an important trait. By being open and transparent, and being able to say ‘I don’t have all the answers’ means that a leader can count on their team to help them find solutions to some of their challenges. Opening up a two-way dialogue between leadership and staff was highly coveted by our guests.

Fanchea Kelly in Episode 13 said that being honest with your team meant giving them more opportunities for them to help.

James Taylor in Episode 14 said the intergenerational experience supported this, having a diverse team and being open to critique from intergenerational staff meant you can learn what mistakes to avoid, but also how to stay innovative.

Join us next time for Mind Your P’s

Whilst we’ve finished up Season 1 of Mind Your P’s, it’s not the last you’ll hear of us! We’ll be back at the end of summer to bring you a fresh new season, we have some great guests lined up already and we can’t wait to uncover some of the best (and worst) kept secrets of purposeful leadership.

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