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Hosted By: Caroline McKenna

Mind Your P’s – Gavin Mitchell, Global Companion Animal Director, IMV Imaging



Gavin Mitchell is the Global Companion Director of IMV Imaging. Having been with the company for over 20 years, Gavin tells Caroline about the lifecycle of working for an innovative company who’s technology is led by their purpose: helping vets to make straightforward diagnostics for beloved pets and animals. Gavin talks about the difference between driving purpose as a ‘box-ticking exercise’ and living it. Gavin chatted with us about solid communication, dropping the ball and picking it back up again.

Website: IMV Imaging

Twitter: @gavinbcf

LinkedIn: IMV Imaging, Gavin Mitchell

You’ll learn

  • How to effectively communicate with your employees
  • How to make sure your organisation embodies your culture
  • How to be ready for opportunities


Episode Transcript

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