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Mind Your P’s – Darina Garland, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Ooni Pizza Ovens



We speak to people-leader and pizza-pro, Darina Garland. Ooni is the second company founded by Darina and her husband, Kristian. After the success of their first company Suklaa, which provides creative and meaningful education systems through events, the pair turned their sights to creating a product that could serve amazing pizza at home. Darina talks about how they put culture at the heart of the Ooni from day one, and shares with us the bottom-line benefits that’s had for both the company, and for its people. Now a global brand, Ooni Pizza Ovens is a staple for the ultimate pizza-at-home experience.

Website: Ooni Pizza Ovens

Twitter: @DarinaGarland

LinkedIn: Ooni Pizza Ovens, Darina Garland

You’ll learn

  • What it takes to be a purpose-led leader
  • How to effectively create a positive culture
  • The benefits of closing the pay-gap between top and bottom tier staff
  • Work/life balance when you work with your partner


  • Scale Up Scotland – an 18-month scale-up programme designed for entrepreneurs
  • The Hunter Foundation – a venture philanthropy foundation looking to invest in solutions to alleviate poverty and encourage education

Episode Transcript

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