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Hosted By: Caroline McKenna

Mind Your P’s – Craig Nicol, Managing Partner of Thorntons Law LLP



Craig kicked off his legal career in Glasgow before deciding to up-sticks and move to the east coast to join Thorntons Law LLP in Dundee in 2003. Having now been Managing Partner for ten years, Craig shares what he’s learned about leadership and ambition. Spotting the potential that Thorntons had from the get-go, Craig has grown Thorntons from a regional law firm to a nationally respected brand.

Having doubled the firm’s revenue within 5 years, Craig is leaving behind some big shoes to fill as he steps down later this year. He tells Caroline all about additional projects where he volunteers and the sense of gratification it brings to his day-to-day life. Listen as the pair talk about how to go about discovering your purpose, effectively communicating it to your people, and how creating culture around your purpose can bring real impact to revenue and reputation.

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LinkedIn: Thorntons Law, Craig Nicol

You’ll learn

  • How to discover your company’s purpose internally
  • The benefits of volunteering for your well-being
  • How to encourage a culture of ambition


  • Career Ready, a charity that supports young people finding their way into work by developing opportunities and providing support networks
  • Developing the Young Workforce, a Scottish Gov initiative to help prepare young people for work
  • Sir Nigel Knowles, mentioned by Craig as a role model, Sir Nigel was knighted for his contribution to the legal sector

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