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Hosted By: Caroline McKenna

Mind Your P’s – Masami Sato, Founder and CEO of B1G1



Masami Sato is the founder and CEO of B1G1, a global giving initiative that makes it easy for businesses to incorporate giving into the everyday fabric of their business. Businesses can choose to donate to a clean water project, or to provide a free meal to someone living in poverty, with every sale they do – making big impact easy through tiny changes.

Masami shares with us how her experience as a chef and her love of food led her to discover how the key to making a big impact is by taking advantage of the everyday. Starting by giving a free meal every day, Masami has now built a global business, is a two-time TEDx speaker, Amazon best-selling author, and continues to inspire businesses every day to give back. Since launch, B1G1 has achieved over 230 million giving impacts.

It’s season 2 of Mind Your P’s and we’re back with a bang: listen to episode 16 with Masami Sato now.

Follow Masami’s journey

Twitter: @MasamiSato, @B1G1

LinkedIn: Masami SatoB1G1

Website: masamisato.com, b1g1.com

Facebook: @B1G1

What you’ll learn

  • The power of small – how tiny changes accrue into huge impact. Masami sets out how businesses can create effective change by incorporating it into their everyday way of doing business
  • The payoff of diversity – how ‘the magic’ happens when you start surrounding yourself with a truly diverse group of people. When we don’t have diversity, we are held back by the limitations of our own experiences
  • Culture can’t be decided for staff by laying out a set of rules, it must come from within the organisation. Start with your values, and build from there.


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