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Hosted By: Caroline McKenna

Mind Your P’s – Lisa Thomson, Founder and CEO of Purpose HR



We speak to Lisa Thomson, who founded Purpose HR in 2014. 7 years on, she’s grown her business to just as many employees. Purpose HR consultancy specialises in providing HR services to start-ups, entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses, working alongside a variety of purpose-driven businesses. Lisa’s commitment to purpose goes beyond her company’s name: she’s a pro at building culture and policies around a businesses’ core values.

She gives us her top tips on how to support your staff throughout difficult periods, the kind of challenges she’s faced in the workplace and how she overcomes knock-backs.

Website: purposehr.co.uk

Twitter: Purpose HR, Lisa Thomson

LinkedIn: Lisa Thomson, Purpose HR

You’ll learn

  • How to find out what your business values are by talking to your team
  • How to support staff throughout redundancy
  • Challenges that women face in the workplace
  • How to get your employees to engage with your purpose and values


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