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Mind Your P’s – Josh Littlejohn MBE, Founder and CEO of Social Bite



Josh Littlejohn is the co-founder of Social Bite, a social business that is dedicated to helping end homelessness in Scotland. Social Bite started as a sandwich shop on Rose Street in Edinburgh in August 2012 and has now grown to a major driving force in tackling homelessness in Scotland and beyond. The latest fundraising initiative, Break the Cycle, aims to raise £1m to help build Social Bite Villages in two new UK cities, with target locations in Glasgow and London. Philanthropic at heart, Josh tirelessly campaigns for people experiencing homelessness and works to better the lives of others.

Join us for episode 12 as we talk about Josh’s purpose, the issue of homelessness in Scotland, and his creative ways of getting the word out about his mission.

Follow Josh’s journey

Twitter: @SocialBite_,

LinkedIn: @socialbite-, Josh Littlejohn

Website: social-bite.co.uk

Instagram: @social_bite

Facebook: @socialbitebusiness

What you’ll learn

  • the risks and sacrifices of living your purpose
  • How the homelessness issue needs a multi-dimensional holistic approach
  • How to build on good press and get people involved in your mission
  • Social Bite’s various projects and how you can get involved



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