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Mind Your P’s – James Taylor, Global Keynote Speaker on Creativity



James Taylor is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a keynote speaker, podcaster and global educator on the powers of creativity. A music manager turned speaker, James draws from his artistic and business experience to educate people on how they can unlock their creative potential. He’s travelled globally, addressing some of the world’s biggest organisations on the barriers that stand between us and our capacity to innovate.

He shares his story with us, telling us what he’s learned working in both the creative arts and business and debunks some of the myths around our creative potential. Listen to hear his tips on how you can utilise your creativity in your team.

Follow James’ journey

Website: jamestaylor.me

Podcasts: SuperCreativity, SpeakersU

Twitter: @JamesTaylor_me

LinkedIn: James Taylor

Facebook: @jamestaylordotme

What you’ll learn

  • more than half of us in the UK don’t think we’re creative – and why we’re wrong
  • the myth around the ‘creative genius’, and what creativity really looks like in practice
  • body language tips for improving your public speaking over zoom
  • how conventional education inhibits our creative capacity at a young age



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