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Hosted By: Caroline McKenna

Mind Your P’s – Alan Mahon, Founder of Brewgooder



After being hospitalised in Nepal from drinking unclean water, Alan realised the value of safe, accessible drinking water. His passion for this combined with his love of craft beer led him to found Brewgooder – a brewery with a philanthropic difference. With 100% of profits donated to clean-water projects, Brewgooder have already impacted the lives of over 150,000 people in Malawi.

From introducing a pay-it-forward scheme to provide NHS frontline workers with beer, to supporting theatres throughout the cancelled panto season, and his mission to bring safe water to 1 million people. Alan tells us about how about purpose and how Brewgooder values give staff the freedom to learn from mistakes. Plus, the two discuss diversity issues in the brewing industry and the concept of authenticity around purpose. Listen now.

Follow his journey

Website: Brewgooder

Twitter: Alan Mahon, Brewgooder

LinkedIn: Alan Mahon, Brewgooder

You’ll learn

  • How to find out what your business values are by talking to your team
  • How to support staff throughout redundancy
  • Challenges that women face in the workplace
  • How to get your employees to engage with your purpose and values



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