Ninja Kiwi: Why we joined Social Good Connect

Ninja Kiwi: Why we joined Social Good Connect

4 December 2020

Continuing our ‘Get to Know Us’ Friday blog series, we have been speaking to some of our newest business partners about their work and why right now is the perfect time to invest in employee volunteering.

This week we speak to David Hamilton, Executive Vice President of Ninja Kiwi.

David Hamilton Ninja Kiwi
David Hamilton, Ninja Kiwi

What are your main reasons for joining Social Good Connect? 

To help our people feel good through helping others.

We’d just started offering extra time-out days to our 32 Dundee staff back in March, before the first lockdown. Mental health is important to us and we didn’t want people to feel they had to come in or claim an official sick day if they were having a really bad day or felt under the weather, so we gave everyone 10 days out, on top of holidays, to recharge and nurture their mental health and wellbeing.

Joining Social Good Connect really fits with the Ninja Kiwi ethos. We’ll encourage people to use a couple of those days to step away from the norm and volunteer for a cause that makes them feel better.

Why have you decided that now is a good time for you to join?

People have a lot of issues to deal with right now, and they’re all different. Volunteering to help others is a great distraction from personal and work challenges.

We already offered yoga sessions, Hit-It sessions with high-intensity bikes and Beer O’clock hangouts on Fridays, and volunteering to help charities is a great complement to that.

We know people are finding things hard, and we’re happy to offer something outside the office that can be fun and rewarding.

Coming on board with Social Good Connect, which benefit or feature are you most excited about?

We love the fact that it’s digital. As a video game company we spend most of our time online and this was a natural initiative to get people involved with.

How easy was it to sign up and get started with the platform?

Sign-up was simple and we had people finding matches on the first day.

We know we need to encourage them to stay involved and not see it as a one-off. We’re using Slack and other comms to share the buzz and share stories of volunteering projects if people want to.

We’ll keep an eye on the uptake and perhaps dedicate a day to volunteering in the next couple of months to make sure everyone can see how easy it is, how many different types of causes they could support and how straightforward it is to find a good match.

What would you say to other businesses who are thinking of joining?

It’s a feel-good initiative that makes business sense and suits both introverts and extroverts. People can choose virtual or physical projects to give their time to.

You’re helping employees grow a sense of purpose and wellbeing outside of work, you’re making a big difference to charities who really need skilled help, and you’re helping yourself retain a motivated workforce.

Want to get involved with Social Good Connect?

If you want to find out more about how Social Good Connect can improve employee engagement and support mental health and wellbeing initiatives then why not give us a call, or sign up to our mailing list for regular insights and advice on CSR and employee volunteering?

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