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MSIP: Why we joined Social Good Connect

8 February 2022

We spoke to Gill Simpson, Marketing & Comms Director at Dundee’s Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP), a joint venture SME focused on enabling industry to achieve net zero.

Why did you join Social Good Connect?

We were at the Courier Business Awards when Social Good Connect won Young Business of the Year in November and we immediately invited them to meet us over at MSIP! Our cultures felt very similar and we wanted to explore how we could get involved.  We’re both about making things happen and acting for the greater good. It can sometimes be hard to imagine how you can use your skills outside work or in the community – and Social Good Connect makes it really easy!

Why was now a good time for you to join?

MSIP was formed in 2019, and our transformation work is now underway.  We’ve already attracted 10 companies of varying shapes and size to locate their businesses on the Innovation Parc. Our own eclectic team at MSIP is now at 20 staff and not only do we envisage most of these being involved with Social Good Connect, but we’d like to encourage our tenant companies to join up too!  We’re launching our tenant engagement programme in Spring, with a combination of formal and informal events, and Social Good Connect and the value of employee volunteering will be a key theme for one of these!

We’re also launching our MSIP Skills Academy in August and Social Good Connect is a great concept to share with the learners, academics and partners who will be part of that. We want to help people join the dots around doing their part for their communities and using their skills to make a difference, sometimes in unexpected ways.

For our own team, we’re interested in a team volunteering activity and we look forward to exploring what opportunities there are on the platform, but we’re particularly keen for people to create their own individual profiles, explore how their interests and skills can be used to help others and feel the rewards of altruism.

What do you like about Social Good Connect and the way it works?

We love the matchmaking concept.  And we were struck by some of your stories about recent volunteering placements, especially one where an elderly man was helped by a tech whizz to learn how to use WhatsApp and understand how to use his devices better. It went from a tech help project to now being a befriending call once a week and that sounds really rewarding for both people!

We really appreciate the faces behind the platform. It’s not just a log-in! We also relate to your passion for what you do and the fact you live and breathe ‘doing good for others’. We feel the same about what we do at MSIP in doing good for the planet, so it’s a great fit. We’re both growing start-ups with a purpose to inspire people to make a positive difference.

What would success look like?

We’d love the majority of our team to be engaged and volunteering in work time, and it would be great if their placements encourage them to do more for the community in their personal lives. Of course, it’s up to each individual how much or little they wish to commit, but a powerful result would be people wanting to stay involved with Social Good Connect placements outside of work time. 

What would you say to other businesses thinking of signing up?

Employee volunteering is a rewarding thing to do, and by doing it through Social Good Connect it’s just easier. It won’t detract from people’s day-to-day work. We think that if anything, doing something for the common good will motivate people and bring something other than work into their daily lives.

My advice is to book a coffee with Caroline or Sarah! The value of being involved will quickly become clear. It’s not a one-size-fits-all idea – it’s very tailored to the individual and that really appeals.

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