Meet the Team - Megan Cleary, Charity Engagement Manager - Social Good Connect

Meet the Team – Megan Cleary, Charity Engagement Manager

2 October 2020

What is your role in the team?

My role at Social Good Connect is Charity Engagement Manager. I work primarily on supporting charities to get started on the platform. I build relationships with the charities that I manage, brainstorm with them about possible volunteering opportunities, and help them to find the right volunteers for the role. Additionally, due to my background in marketing, I am supporting Betty with our digital marketing strategy.  

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

It is so rewarding to see the impact of our work. When a successful connection has been made and both the volunteer and charity have benefited from the connection. It is amazing to see how it lifts everyone’s spirits.  

What volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?

I used to volunteer at Cupar Swimming Club, assisting with coaching. Since joining Social Good Connect, I’ve been looking for a long-term volunteering opportunity and I’m currently in the process of joining the Executive Committee of Tayside Cancer Support.  

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working/what are your hobbies?

When at University, I loved playing lacrosse. I was the Fundraiser, Captain and President in consecutive years. Since I no longer play lacrosse due to moving, I am looking to join a local sports team in Dundee. At the moment I’ve been bagging a few Munros round Scotland to keep me busy! 

Otherwise, I absolutely love travelling and going out for food, like most people (pre-covid of course). Travelling is something that I’ve enjoyed year after year. Recently I went to Belize in Central America which just felt like we were on another planet! It was a brilliant escape being able to enjoy the historical aspect to the country as well as roaming around the islands, swimming with sharks! I especially like going out for food and experiencing a fundamental part of those different cultures. I also enjoy going out for brunch and dinner here as it’s a great excuse for socialising with friends whilst enjoying food I wouldn’t be able make for myself at home!

Which of Social Good Connect’s values has resonated most with you and why? 

Connecting People – I am very much a people person. I love people and I love building relationships. I think connecting people is great, especially when it makes people’s lives better and supports a good cause!

What is your favourite song?

Either Harry Styles’ cover of Girl Crush or Dreams by Gabrielle, I can’t pick!

With Girl Crush, I was born into the One Direction era, so I was always going to be a fan of Harry Styles no matter what and when I found this cover he did, I just couldn’t stop listening to it, it’s great for any mood and any occasion.

Dreams reminds me of being with my friends during my undergrad in Aberdeen. It’s a great reminder of what we got up to throughout the four years. It’s also a great karaoke song!

Who are the top three people you would have a meal with dead or alive?

Nelson Mandela, Anna Wintour and Emma Louise Connolly  

I had always found Mandela to be such an inspirational person who had endured, yet achieved so much for his country, he was someone I had always dreamed of meeting. I’ve also got a keen eye for fashion which is where Anna Wintour and Emma Louise Connolly come in! I chose to explore Wintour’s leadership style during my Master’s degree and I would just love to have a conversation with her myself and make my own judgement. 

Can you share your favourite photo with us and explain why it is your favourite?

It’s great to be able to travel around your own country during the summer, go camping and walking with friends around the highlands. Also, to be able to see one of the most beautiful animals on earth right here in Scotland.  

Megan and her friends after walking to the top of a Munro
2 Highland cows on a Munro


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