Meet the Team - Debbie Johnson, Corporate Engagement Manager - Social Good Connect

Meet the Team – Debbie Johnson, Corporate Engagement Manager

6 November 2020

What is your role in the team?

My role in the team is to reach out to and bring on board some larger clients. My target is to partner with corporate businesses who may already be active with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and help them support their staff with employee volunteering.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

As a new employee at Social Good Connect, I am really enjoying being part of the team – that is probably my no. 1 thing so far. Everyone is so passionate and enthusiastic, and it rubs off on everyone else, which is great.

What I’m looking forward to most in the role is getting to know the businesses I’ll be working with. As corporates tend to have staff all over country, I’m hoping that we can partner for good and that they can join our journey as we roll out to England and beyond.

What volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?

I volunteer as a befriender for elderly people in my area.  It’s currently so hard for people who are isolated and unable to get out with the people they know. I get a huge amount of warmth just taking a few minutes each week to talk to them.

I find that, even though my role as a volunteer is to support the people I work with, I actually get a great deal back from them too. Spending time with the people I befriend always makes me feel good. I also look out for my Auntie, who is currently in a care home and not allowed visitors.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working/what are your hobbies?

My personal hobby is probably cooking and creating food. Our theme for 2020 has been learning to make Mexican food – tacos, fajitas etc. My husband makes the cocktails and I do the food!

My husband is a musician and hasn’t been able to play gigs this year, so having a singalong  while we cook has been a lot of fun.

Which of Social Good Connect’s values has resonated most with you and why?

Doing good – Being part of a team that is so focused on doing good in a community is something I would love to be involved in for the rest of my working life.

A lot of companies are getting involved with CSR initiative that are very commendable but don’t necessarily involve communities and people. I think that’s what makes what we’re doing so special. We let people use their individual needs, interests, and passions for the good of the community.

What is your favourite song?

California Joni Michell Single Cover

My California by Joni Mitchell because California is my favourite place.

Who are the top three people you would have a meal with dead or alive?

Dinner with Doris Day because when  I was young, there was a period of time they showed her films on a Saturday afternoon and I used to sit and watch them with my granny. She would make tea and cakes and we watched the films and these special memories have stayed with me my whole life. She had a really interesting life – I went to where she lives in California about three years ago and I would love to talk to her about it all.

I would also choose Mick Jagger because he would have some amazing stories to tell!

And I think if I had those two people at dinner, to bridge them, I would also invite my Dad. He had such a fantastic big personality and would have been great fun in the middle of those two.

Can you share your favourite photo with us and explain why it is your favourite?

Debbie and her husband in California

My husband and I went to California for 3 months – it was just without a doubt the favourite time of our lives. We immersed ourselves in California living!

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