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HR Booth: Why we joined Social Good Connect…

25 January 2022

Alistair Booth, Managing Director, HR Booth

We spoke to Alistair Booth, managing director at The HR Booth, the HR outsourcing consultancy

Why did The HR Booth join Social Good Connect?

I’d been aware of Caroline’s purpose-led work for a few years and had been following the Social Good Connect journey since it launched. I’ve been involved on the boards of charities and supported organisations such as the Developing Young Workforce and Young Enterprise Scotland, and helping our own communities matters to me. The pandemic made us examine exactly what we were doing to increase social impact. We wanted to formalise our various contributions to the community somehow and joining Social Good Connect was a great way to do that and I just see it as the right thing to do.

Why was now a good time for you to join?

We’ve grown our business in the last year to 11 employees and it’s the perfect time to invest in teambuilding and values-sharing activities that help us build the culture we want. We got the team together and brainstormed which causes we care about and what we could do to contribute more. Everyone’s eager to get involved in employee volunteering. We all work remotely now from various locations and not everyone had met until recently, so we’re looking into whole-team and small-group opportunities with Social Good Connect where we can volunteer together in mid-point areas like Glenrothes, Dundee and Perth, as well as filling out our individual profiles and exploring individual volunteering roles.

Also, we’ve recently formalised the way we make financial donations to charities such as Social Bite and the hospice Rachel’s House (we donate 1% of our turnover to charities), so it made sense to formalise the way we spend our time helping in person too.

What do you like about the Social Good Connect concept and the way it works?

Having access to a platform like this makes the process of volunteering easy to follow. You don’t have to spend time joining up the dots – the info is all there.  It can be difficult to think of which causes you’d be able to contribute to. Having Social Good Connect provides that inspiration and makes it easy to decide! I was impressed by how sophisticated the platform is.

What would success look like?

I think as well as the whole team getting on board with this, whether in group or individual volunteering placements (and that in itself feeding our desire to make more difference in our community), it will also help with confidence-building, especially for newer members of the team. Having exposure to potential mentoring roles is ideal because that’s also a service we offer as part of our own HR business.

What would you say to other businesses thinking of signing up?

Keep an open mind. There are so many business benefits, such as increased employee engagement and loyalty, and even a better employer brand that’s attractive to potential joiners. We certainly had a couple of people join us last year because they saw how active we are social impact-wise. People want to be part of something, it’s not just about the job any more.

The experience has been first class in our first couple of months, and Caroline’s personality and her ambition and drive really shine through.

Want to get involved?

Interested in finding out more about how Social Good Connect can help you enhance a positive company culture? Get in touch with our Business Engagement Manager, Sarah, to find out more!

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