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How to help Ukraine if you live in the UK

1 March 2022

The conflict in Ukraine has left many of us wanting to do something to support those in Ukraine, but not sure how to assist.

We’ve pulled together a list of different ways that you can help throughout the crisis, in whatever way is manageable for you.

Contact your local MP or MSP

Write to your local MP or MSP and let them know how you want them to represent your views. With the borders shut to refugees from Ukraine without a visa, you can write to your MP/MSP to urge them to accept those fleeing the war.

Here’s a few resources to make this process quick and easy.

Letter template – this letter urges for increased military and financial aid, waiving visa requirements for refugees, imposing stricter sanctions and more (remember to personalise it with your details!)

Find your MP | Find your MSP (if you live in Scotland)



Sign | ‘Create safe routes for refugees and save lives – Refugee Council’ petition. 

Sign | ‘An open letter to Priti Patel – Home Secretary: The UK must give safe passage to those fleeing the way in Ukraine’

Sign | ‘Tell the UK govt: Help Ukrainian refugees!’

Other ways to support Ukraine

There’s other ways that you can help the ongoing crisis, starting at home. There’s numerous organisations across the UK that work to provide aid and support to those fleeing from warzones. These organisations are often overstretched and underfunded but provide essential and life-changing help for people affected by conflict across the globe.

  • Work in the legal sector? You can give some of your pro-bono time to Just Right Scotland who work to defend the legal rights asylum seekers and refugees, as well as running a centre for refugees and migrants
  • Use your social media platform to encourage others to get involved, or talk about it with your colleagues, friends and family
  • Find, or organise, a local donations appeal or fundraiser. Just now, social media has been full of people with incredible kindness who have volunteered to drive provisions across the border and into Ukraine – support them!

If you’re able to help in any way, however small, then thank you!

We are here to support charities and their service users. We’re lucky to have many willing skilled volunteers as members, so if you’re a charity who could use help from volunteers, contact us today and we can help.

Know a charity that could use support from volunteers? Nominate them here and we’ll get in touch! 

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