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Top 5 group volunteering activities for teammates

17 August 2022

Group volunteering is a fantastic tool for team-bonding, skill development and relationship building with your community. It’s one of the top requests from our business members at the moment, and we can understand why! 

After more than two years of isolation and working from home, many of our members tell us that they want to find ways to help their team get to know each other better, get out of the house, and do something that will feed their soul. 

Group volunteering ticks all of these boxes! So, here are our top five suggestions for how to volunteer in a group.

1. Beach clean

A classic option. Whether it’s a beach, a bay, or another beauty spot, getting out in nature with your teammates and working together to clear ugly and harmful rubbish from the environment is an incredibly nourishing experience. 

All you need to organise this kind of group volunteering activity are some litter pickers, gloves, heavy duty sacks, and a bunch of willing volunteers. It’s a good idea to let the local council know what you’re planning on doing as they may be able to provide these materials and assist with removal of the rubbish you’ve collected. 

There may also be volunteer groups you can support who already do this kind of work in your area. For example, Surfers Against Sewage are a group who do regular beach cleans across the UK and sort through the waste they collect to better understand how pollution affects coastal areas and which items are the worst offenders.

If you would like some support to set up, or connect with, a volunteer group to take part in a beach clean, Social Good Connect can help. These are some of our favourite and most satisfying group volunteering activities to organise – there’s nothing like seeing those full sacks of rubbish being carted away from a newly clean beach. Just let us know what you’re looking to do, and we’ll make it happen!

2. Community garden project

A well-organised and well-run community garden can be a vital and spirit-lifting addition to a community. These spaces not only offer a chance to connect with like-minded neighbours, learn about gardening, and provide a safe, outdoor space for people, but they can even be an affordable source of fruit, vegetables and herbs too.

Supporting a community garden can be a long or short-term project. They might need a volunteer group to show up for a day or two to help clear out weeds and rubbish to prepare the site for a new garden, or they might need some regular, ongoing support to maintain the area or run community events. 

Helping a community garden is a wonderful group volunteering activity for a team of people looking to get outdoors, connect with people in their local area, and share their skills or learn something new. 

3. Digital group project 

There are lots of examples of traditional group volunteering opportunities, but have you ever considered hosting a volunteer group online? 

Many local charities and non-profit organisations have very limited resources and funds, and whatever support they do get goes directly towards helping their beneficiaries rather than improving their own systems and processes. They often don’t have the budget or time to work on marketing campaigns to raise awareness, update their CRM systems or improve their website. 

This is where your team can help! Why not work together to lend your skills and solve a problem for a local charity? You could start by asking them what is the biggest challenge they’re facing right now, outside of funding issues, and what difference it would make if your team were able to solve this problem for them. 

For example, updating a landing page on their website to include an online donation form might make it easier to get support and raise money for their cause, helping them update their CRM and set up automations could help them get to know their prospects and donors better and run more efficient marketing campaigns. 

If your team is able to create a mini project plan, and lend some of their time and knowledge, together you could make a transformative change to a small, grassroots organisation and the lives of the people they support. 

4. Fundraising speed-dating

Another fun and unusual group volunteering opportunity is an afternoon of fundraising speed-dating. This is an activity that Social Good Connect tried on a recent team day and it was a lot of fun.

Non-profit organisations often host fundraising events where they need to find prizes for auctions, raffles or tombolas. This can be a stressful and difficult job, especially for smaller organisations. 

For this group volunteering activity, the idea is that you would invite a local charity to join your team to explain the event they’re hosting, what they’re raising money for, what kind of prizes they’re looking for and answer any other questions people may have. Then, split everyone into smaller groups and spend some time brainstorming prizes you could connect them with. The team that comes up with the most prizes wins!

5. Food-drive 

Community kitchens and food-banks are always looking for donations and volunteers. Why not find out what support your local centre is looking for and set up a volunteer group of colleagues to help them out. 

Once you know what kind of food or supplies they need, you can set up a collection point in your office where people can donate resources. You could even open this up to the wider community if suitable. Your team can help drive these donations over to the charity’s facilities, sort through the items, pack food boxes and even volunteer as delivery drivers to distribute the goods to people who need them. 

It’s worth reaching out to local organisations to see what kind of support they’re needing and how your team’s help can be most valuable to them. 

Ready to get started with group volunteering?

If you like the sound of these ideas but still need some advice on how to volunteer in a group or if you’d like to be connected to organisations in your area for a group volunteering project, we can help! 

Why not talk to a member of our team about the kind of group volunteering activities that you and your team are looking for and learn more about how we can help you get set up and measure your impact. 

Do a good thing for your community, get to know your colleagues better, and try something new with group volunteering.

Written by Betty Henderson

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