Our first goodbye! Lennox reflects on her time with Social Good Connect - Social Good Connect

Our first goodbye! Lennox reflects on her time with Social Good Connect

12 January 2021

Lennox Norrie has been a valued member of our team since she joined as Charity Engagement Manager in April 2020. As she moves on to a new adventure, I sat down with her to chat about her time with Social Good Connect and all she has learned in her role with us.

What has been your favourite part of working with Social Good Connect?

I’m going to have to say the team definitely. I’ve never worked in a company of all women before, I’ve always been in a male-orientated environment, and it’s just been an absolutely incredible experience.

The team are amazing, they’re so supportive and so driven to make things happen which is really inspiring. In fact, think we all inspire one another to do amazing things. I’m really going to miss seeing every one of you. I think that’s definitely going to be the hardest part for me, not chatting with you guys everyday 

Another thing I’m really going to miss is hearing from the charities and finding out what the impact of our work has been for the organisation and their beneficiaries. Even a moment of someone’s time can just grows arms and legs in terms of the impact and it’s such a good feeling to know your work is having  a positive effect on others.

What have you learned from your time with us?

Oooh this is a hard question because the answer is so much!! I think the main thing is – people really do want to do good!

I think that it’s very easy to make excuses and find reasons not to get involved with volunteering and when people get over that initial hurdle of ‘you know what I do have half an hour to do a little bit of volunteering’ and get stuck in, they want to do it again! 

Although I have always volunteered, I’ve always thought that that’s quite unique, but it’s not! Actually, so many people want to volunteer, it’s just getting over that initial hurdle that stops them. So, I think that’s probably the biggest lesson, actually people do want to do good and as soon as they do it’s like this epiphany where they’re like ‘wow this is incredible why have I not been doing this all along?’

I think I’ve learned a lot about myself as well through doing our Insights profiles early on. I’ve learned to play to my strengths, and really channel my passion and hone my organisational skills. I think understanding ourselves and each other is part of what has made us a great team. 

Will you carry any of our values with you into the future?

Absolutely! All of the values actually!

Doing Good – I will always keep volunteering, until the end of time. I actually just met with the the Royal Voluntary Society yesterday and we were chatting about how I’m going to continue.

Connecting people – even in conversations with my new employer I was asking about volunteering and CSR etc. so I will always continue connecting people and doing that.

Delivering impact -as well, knowing that those little bits of time that I give will be making an impact.

And then Being Brave, even though moving on from Social Good Connect has been a really hard decision, I feel like I’m being brave by taking this step.

I feel like I will always continue with our values and the whole ethos of Social Good Connect as well.


That’s so brilliant to hear! So, tell us about your next adventure then, what are you going on to do?

I am joining a company called Xergy, as their Project Manager. They’re creating an incredible product called Proteus, which is a business operating software, combining a work management system with on-demand access to rated talent and pay as you go access to major engineering software in a simple-to-use platform.

They are based in Aberdeen and Dubai, so I’ll be working from home (which Social Good Connect has taught me to do) with a few trips to the offices. I’m going to be working with an incredible team of people, most of whom I have worked with before and I know them really well, so I’m looking forward to spending time with them again.

Exciting! Okay, last question, you’ve kind of already answered this, but what will you miss most, and do you have any final musings or any final thoughts you want to share?

I’m going to miss everyone in the team but you guys haven’t gotten rid of me yet because I will certainly be keeping in touch and gate crashing your parties!

I’m really going to miss all the charity partners that we have as well. I’ve developed really incredible relationships with some of them and it’s been so rewarding working with them. I’m going to miss hearing from them on a weekly basis and finding out what they’re getting up to and how our volunteers have helped. 

I think that, although 2020 has been such a hard year for everyone, it’s been a real lesson for the business community about what is important to them. It is their staff, it’s supporting them, it’s looking after their mental health. Instead of just giving their team time to themselves, it’s also giving them time to do something for someone else, which we know has such a positive impact on mental health.

I think Social Good Connect is helping businesses and charities to connect for good in a really effective way. Just keep doing what you guys are doing and I will always be behind you! 

Written by Betty Henderson

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