Golphin: Why we joined Social Good Connect

Golphin: Why we joined Social Good Connect

11 December 2020

Continuing our ‘Get to Know Us’ Friday blog series, we have been speaking to some of our newest business partners about their work and why right now is the perfect time to invest in employee volunteering.

This week we speak to Calum McPherson, Founder and Managing Director of GolPhin.

calum mcpherson founder golphin
Calum McPherson, GolPhin

Why did you join Social Good Connect?

What we liked about the concept and the platform was the ability to connect with other businesses and charities and increase our network of like-minded people.

Golphin is all about improving the health, wellbeing and education of children through sport and games, using golf as vehicle to do that.

Why have you decided that now is a good time for you to join?

The spirit of charity and helping young people be more active runs right through the heart of everything we do.  We heard about Social Good Connect through Craig Nicol in the summer and immediately knew we wanted to be involved.

Most of our staff haven’t done volunteering placements before, so now that we’re signed up we’ll all be getting involved and sharing ideas and experiences in our weekly meetings.

How easy was it to sign up and get started with the platform?

It was pretty straightforward, and based on some of the matches the platform has given us, we sought time with the Social Good Connect team to explore how we can hone the matches even more to fit our specific geographic needs as well as our skills and ideal type of contribution.

They have deep knowledge of which charities will fit what we’re about and already we’ve identified around 10 that we’d like to explore.

We have staff in Glasgow partially furloughed and we have people isolating in Edinburgh who want to help by giving their time and skills online. So talking to SGC team in detail and having them as an ongoing partner and guide is a key part of the relationship for us.

Which features are you most excited about?

For us, as with all good business relationships, it’s about the people as well as the platform. We’ve had online meetings with Caroline, Fiona, and Lennox which have brought a real spark and connection.

We knew the matching platform would be a high-quality product because we happen to use the same tech-partner, Vidatec, in our own business. But having a knowledgeable team on board to guide us to right-fit placements in various geographies is really beneficial too.

What would you say to other businesses who are thinking of signing up?

It’s the right thing to do.

If you can help your people contribute to society by helping them volunteer on work time and in a supportive framework of a partnership like Social Good Connect, why wouldn’t you?!

Culturally it’s what we want to encourage in our team, so that volunteering and giving back is seen as part of work and part of life. And it’s not just about one-off volunteering placements. It’s about contributing to society as a way of life.

Want to get involved?

If you want to find out more about how Social Good Connect can work with your organisation to create a tailored employee volunteering programme then why not give us a call, or sign up to our mailing list for regular insights and advise on CSR and employee volunteering?

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