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Sound familiar?

  • We pick a charity of the year, which doesn’t always work for everyone
  • Our volunteering efforts are ad hoc and depend on a few keen individuals
  • We’re unsure how to forge closer links with our community
  • Our volunteering activities tend to follow a traditional path
  • Many of our staff are looking for something new to inspire and engage
  • We don’t know how to measure the impact we’re making

We can help!

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Why get involved?

The pandemic has given people time to reflect. Employees want a to build a more positive workplace – make it something worthwhile going back to. And they also want to give back to the communities they’ve got closer to.

With employee volunteering through Social Good Connect it shows that you care and are aligned with the new needs and wants of your people.

For employees

This means helping them feel connected and energised through spirit-lifting volunteering roles that give them a greater sense of purpose.

For employers

You can forge closer links to your community and give back in a focused way to a wide range of charities who need your help now more than ever.

For both

We’re making volunteering accessible, easy, fun and inspiring when many are feeling disconnected and flat. Volunteering has proven benefits to employee mental and emotional wellbeing and even to physical health.

Business Benefits

Here's what you could be doing

Providing marketing, accounting and legal expertise

Delivering shopping to vulnerable people across the country

Befriending cancer suffers

Helping charities with their challenges, opportunities and dilemmas

Sourcing furniture and white goods for accommodation for the homeless

Becoming a trustee

From our Members

‘The difference between Social Good Connect and other sources of volunteers or other platforms is that it takes time-consuming admin away from us and we can rely on the team to keep us informed of new applicants. It’s so useful to have someone to manage the journey with each volunteer who applies.’

Lynda Clark

Morton Fraser

‘It’s a quality one-stop shop for employee volunteering. The platform is easy, transparent and appealing to business professionals who want to put their skills to good use in the community, based on tailored matches. It makes sense for a firm’s employees to lend their considerable skills and expertise by helping charities who need input from willing professionals in all walks of business.’

Sam Pattman

Baillie Gifford

‘Signing up to the platform helps you bring to life your intentions to help the community. It’s a practical way of practising what you preach if you’re a purpose-driven organisation.’

Lisa Thomson


‘Social Good Connect gives people the green light to get out and help people outside their workplace role. Convenience is just as important as the willingness and as a tool, the Social Good Connect platform is easy to use, so there’s no barrier to getting involved.’

Craig Paterson-Cheyne


We want to give our employees and partners an opportunity to appreciate their impressive skills in contexts beyond the work setting. Throwing yourself into an unfamiliar culture and a different type of work makes you appreciate yourself and your skills in a new light and increases your sense of purpose. People might not realise just how many transferable skills they’ve developed and how much they’ve achieved. Volunteering is a great way to highlight what they have to offer.

Lindsay Robertson

Grant Thornton

The difference between Social Good Connect and other sources of volunteers or other platforms is that it takes time-consuming admin away from us and we can rely on the team to keep us informed of new applicants.  It’s the perfect ‘managed’ scheme because it allows our employees to choose their causes freely and decide how much time they want to commit and on what basis.

Lynda Clark

Morton Fraser

You so often think of face-to-face volunteering as the main way of helping people, but we’ve learned through Social Good Connect that there are a whole range of virtual routes to supporting people in need. The platform’s range of charities and causes means you can choose from all sorts of virtual roles as well as more physical commitments.

Phil Jefferies

20/20 Project Management

Business - 12 month Membership

Become an SGC Member - Join the nicest network you haven't met yet!

See your employees volunteering statistics in real time and create community impact reports to promote your organisation as a company who cares to all stakeholders

We don’t charge per user as we believe in giving your whole team the chance to get involved and experience the positive impact of employee volunteering.


Our Customer Success Team will support you every step of the way to launch and promote Social Good Connect within your company.

This includes an employee onboarding webinar for all tiers and regular live engagement webinars for Go Connect and Go Collaborate members.


Aside from simply being a good thing to do, there are many business benefits to employee volunteering. From increased employee engagement, to supporting your employees’ mental wellbeing, and building your reputation – there are lots of reasons to get involved.

Please contact us if you would like more details.

This is a question that we get a lot and the short answer is, it’s up to you! Social Good Connect employees each get two hours a week to dedicate to volunteering activities but the average amount of time that most companies offer is two days.

We do recommend that you offer volunteering time in hours and encourage employee to get involved little and often as long-term support can be far more impactful than one-off team days!

Yes! And more being added all the time. We have members with branches across the UK and we are actively working to expand our presence nationwide.

Know of a great charity or socially-minded business who would benefit from our services? Recommend them to us here!

Yes! One of the things we are most excited about this year is the rise in micro-volunteering and online volunteering. On our digital platform there will be opportunities which could take as little as 10 minutes to complete from the comfort of your desk, your sofa, or even your workday commute! Lack of time is one of the biggest barriers to volunteering, which is why we love the fact that some employers are offering their staff time to volunteer during work hours.

This year has not been easy for anyone, and we totally understand if right now doesn’t feel like the right time to take on a new project.

However, many of the businesses partners who have joined us over the last few months have told us that the difficult time they are facing right now is actually exactly why they have got involved right now.

Employee volunteering is a great way to bring your team together over a shared purpose, support their mental health and wellbeing in an impactful way, and give back to the communities that need a little extra support more than ever.

You can read more about why now might actually be the perfect time to introduce employee volunteering here.

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Webinar: Rethinking employee volunteering & business partnerships in 2022

Join our Head of Customer Engagement, Sarah and a guest panel will answer questions like 'How will this make volunteer recruitment easier, how can we build closer relationships with the business community, and why now?'. Sign up for the webinar on the 25th August below.