It may surprise you to learn that there are many business benefits to investing in employer led volunteering. From increased employee engagement, to supporting your employees' mental wellbeing, and building your reputation - there are lots of reasons to get involved. Please contact us if you would like more details.


If you are interested in signing up to the platform, please contact lennox@socialgoodconnect.org who will guide you through our onboarding process. You will be asked to set up a charity profile and enter information about where you are based and what you do. From there, you will be able to create volunteer opportunities including a role description, the time commitment required and a deadline date. If someone connects with this opportunity, you will be able to reach out to them to organise interviews, documents, and any other necessary logistics. We will soon have guidelines for creating a great opportunity and how to take the next steps if you get a connection.


If you are interested in signing up to our platform, please contact fiona@socialgoodconnect.org  who will guide you through our onboarding process. Once you are all set up, your staff can start creating their own profiles and connecting with volunteering opportunities. You can check the reporting dashboard any time to see the difference your team are making in the world!


Once your company signs up, you will receive an email asking you to create a profile and details of your skills and interests. Once set up, you can browse volunteering opportunities and connect with charities. When you make a successful connection, the charity will contact you via email with information about getting started.
Not at all. Volunteer recruitment is a long-term issue for charities and third-sector organisations, and Social Good Connect is a long-term solution. Our platform was accelerated to support communities during the pandemic but Social Good Connect had been in development for a long time prior. We are continuing to work on our platform, refining it and improving it in order to provide support to businesses and charities as we move into 'business as usual' and beyond. Read more about why volunteers will always be needed, not just during the pandemic.
We have set up a reporting dashboard that collects feedback from charities and employee volunteers that will measure the number of employees in your organisation who are signed up and active on the site and the number of volunteering applications they have made. We understand how important it is to measure feedback and we are working to refine this feature in future updates, so any feedback on metrics that would be useful to your organisation would be greatly appreciated. Get in touch here to let us know!  
Yes! One of the things we are most excited about this year is the rise in micro-volunteering and online volunteering. On our digital platform there will be opportunities which could take as little as 10 minutes to complete from the comfort of your desk, your sofa, or even your workday commute! Lack of time is one of the biggest barriers to volunteering, which is why we love the fact that some employers are offering their staff time to volunteer during work hours
If you are reading this as a member of staff who is super enthusiastic about volunteering but unsure if your boss will feel the same way, we can help. We are in the process of creating a toolkit that will help you to speak to your employer on the business benefits of employer led volunteering, but in the meantime check out this article on why your company should get involved.
No, not at all. Employer led volunteering is one way to show your staff that you support local causes, but it is not right for every employer. There are other ways of building purpose into your businesses, check out some of our articles here to find out more. However, if your staff have expressed an interest in employee volunteering schemes, it might be something to consider. With our digital platform you can sign your team up to find opportunities in their own time or yours - just set the boundaries and you are good to go!
To provide support during the current crisis, membership of our site will be free for businesses until October. In the future, based on feedback we have received from many businesses, the membership fee will be based on the number of employees - full details coming soon! The platform will always remain free to join for charities and third-sector organisations. Contact us for more details.

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