5 Charities in Glasgow that you can support today!

28 May 2021


Did you know that almost half of all adults in Scotland have volunteered for charity either formally or informally? That’s a lot of people!

We are always inspired by the diverse array of incredible charities which help keep communities afloat across the country and aid those most in need but sometimes it can be hard to find smaller, local organisations. 

If you want to get involved with fundraising activities, events and other volunteering opportunities in Scotland’s biggest city then we’ve put together our suggestions of five charities in Glasgow that you can support now!

1. Glasgow’s Children’s Hospital Charity 

Glasgow’s Children’s Hospital Charity are supporting children and NHS heroes through the toughest times they face. The donations they receive fund life changing equipment, research and support services. 

The work they do is so that ‘every baby, child and young person treated at Scotland’s largest children’s hospital receives the extra special care they deserve’. From taking care of the NHS staff’s mental health to brightening up hospital visits, Glasgow’s Children’s Hospital is making a significant impact on people’s lives. 

The inspiring work that this charity does is something that you can help with too. Volunteering with Children’s Hospital is set up flexibly around your lifestyle whereby you can select events that you’re able to attend. 

2. Refuweegee 

Refuweegee have been supporting refugees in Glasgow since 2015 to ensure all refugees get a warm Glaswegian welcome! Their work reflects the wonderful friendly atmosphere that surrounds the city making it a great charity to support. 

Getting involved with Refweegee is simple, you can assist with letter writing – writing a letter, post-it-note or picture that can go inside a refugees welcome pack. Or perhaps you’d rather volunteer by shopping for them – collect essentials for their welcome packs and have your expenses reimbursed. 

On top of their warm welcomes that Refuweegee provides, they also hold regular book club events which refugees can attend. What better way to welcome someone to a new city than by introducing them to new people with a common interest for reading? 

3. Glasgow Care Foundation 

Supporting the people of Glasgow who need it most is what Glasgow Care Foundation does best. They assist those living in poverty who have no options left to get help, from supplying basic household goods to organising local community projects. 

Unfortunately, with the discovery in 2018 that 1 in 5 children in Scotland were living in relative poverty, charities like this are vitally important to Scottish communities, and need to be supported! 

Alongside their work to provide to the city, they’re also backed by many ambassadors including Morrisons Utilities. The charity is doing some truly magnificent work that would be a great opportunity for you to become involved with. 

4. Glasgow Peek Project 

The Glasgow Peek Project aims to help people play, create and thrive! They’re a community-led charity who help in local areas. They aspire to create brighter futures by building relationships and connections, strengthening well-being and broadening horizons. 

At the moment, some of the Glasgow Peek Projects are youth photography sessions, community choirs, children’s theatre and even more exciting opportunities for the public to join in with. 

On top of their projects, volunteering with them is another great venture for anyone wanting to sign up to work with them. Not only do you gain great experiences, but they also offer access to accredited awards. Find out more here.

5. Glasgow Association for Mental Health

Glasgow Association for Mental Health is an independent charity providing thousands of hours of community based support every week. Their services are preventative and purposeful whereby they promote and protect good mental health. As well as that they  provide individualised support and opportunities from trained and experienced staff. 

They have many resources in place for the public and supply training courses, including stress management and self massage techniques. Further to this, they’re excitingly relaunching their volunteering programme for summer 2021 so you can get involved too! 

How you can support now

If volunteering for any of these charities appears to be something that is of interest to you then visit their websites and view their volunteering pages. 

Or if you and your colleagues want to make more aligned impact which is supported through your employer  then please get in touch to see how we can help you support your communities. 

Or join our community here for monthly social impact news and inspiration.

Written by Reilly Russel

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