Why We Charge for our Employee Volunteering Services

Why we charge for our employee volunteering services

30 March 2022

Talking about money can be awkward, especially for us Brits.  

But as big believers in transparency, we’re never ones to shy away from a tough conversation so we thought we’d take the time to answer some of the most common questions we get around costs.  

‘If Social Good Connect is a non-profit organisation, why do you charge for your services?’ 

While we are a non-profit organisation, we’re actually a social enterprise which means that, like any business, we survive on our trading income and sales. In short, we need businesses to purchase a membership to allow us to continue to deliver impact in the community. In return we deliver a valuable, impactful managed service to make it easy for your organisation to engage in employee volunteering.  

As with any business, there are costs involved in running our social enterprise, including salaries (we are a proud living wage employer) , digital technology development costs, professional fees, office space, and more, which we cover by charging for our services. However, as a company limited by guarantee, any surplus made by the company will be circulated back into the community through our Impact fund, which exists to support wider charitable activities.  

And while we charge a small membership fee to businesses to join Social Good Connect, it’s free for charities and non-profits to sign up to the platform and search for volunteers.  

‘If you charge businesses to join, doesn’t that mean we’re effectively paying to volunteer? Why should we do that?’ 

The short answer to this is, you don’t have to! You can absolutely go ahead and find volunteering opportunities for your team without going through a managed matching service like Social Good Connect.  

However, what you’re paying for when you join our community is bespoke matching for each of your employees to help them find the opportunities that feed their wellbeing, support to find team volunteering opportunities, as well as reporting to help you measure your impact, and guidance from our Customer Success team to help you set impact goals, and work towards them.  

Joining Social Good Connect helps you find more targeted volunteering opportunities and access small, grassroots organisations in your community where your support can have the biggest impact, so your team can spend their time volunteering rather than searching for opportunities.  

What you’re paying for when you join our community is bespoke matching for each of your employees to help them find the opportunities that feed their wellbeing, as well as guidance from our Customer Success team to help you set impact goals, and work towards them.

‘Why should we sign up to the Go Connect or Go Collaborate membership tiers rather than the most affordable, Go Volunteer tier?’  

Our Go Volunteer tier is great for companies who are happy to be self-directed in their employee volunteering journey. Our member businesses across every tier get access to the digital platform for all of their employees, support to set impact goals, and an interactive welcome webinar during which we’ll introduce their team to Social Good Connect and help them get set up and started.  

For our Go Connect and Go Collaborate members, we go that step further and follow up with regular check-ins to support the Social Good Champion with their role and ensure the company is on track with its impact goals.  

But perhaps the most significant difference between our membership tiers is the support for group volunteering activities in the higher bands. We will support Go Connect and Go Collaborate members to find group volunteering opportunities that suit their employees needs and interests, be-spoke team events that deliver impact, encourage teamwork and are a whole lot of fun. This is one of our most popular services and previously we have organised group volunteering activities such as community clean ups, food packaging, and using skills to provide input to help solve a charities biggest challenge, opportunity or dilemma.  

Why should be sign up to your service rather than just give money to a charity? 

The classic time or money debate. We serve hundreds of charities and they have told us that donations are so valuable to enable them deliver their services, however many have said that they can make better use of donations if they know how to maximise its spend – cue volunteering! We know that donations and funding to deliver services is critical however a financial donation can be fairly short-lived: donation in, money out, start again. 

With our service (we are a non-profit) you will be purchasing a route to deliver long-lasting impact, many of our one-off volunteers decide to continue to support a charity far beyond the volunteering opportunity because they become passionate about the work. 

As an employer we understand that you may be wondering about your initial return on investment so here are all the benefits you should expect by working with an organisation like ours to embed a culture of employee volunteering: 

  • Knowing that your membership fee is used to 100% impact the community in which you live and work. 
  • Providing opportunities for your employees to enhance their skills and experiences. 
  • Supporting employee mental and emotional wellbeing. 
  • Building a positive reputation amongst employees and consumers.  

Signing up to a managed volunteering matching service such as Social Good Connect doesn’t meant that you should give up on charitable donations altogether, but it is a meaningful way to increase your impact long-term. 

Want to get involved? 

If you want to learn more about what it means to volunteer through Social Good Connect, and how we can help your organisation amplify your impact, why not book a chat with a member of our team? 

Written by Betty Henderson

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