Case Study: Social Bite and Murgitroyd

27 May 2020

At Social Good Connect, we are in the business of positive connections. In the run up to our platform ‘go-live’, we have already been hard at work bringing together third sector organisations with businesses who have the resources to support them. Recently, we were able to facilitate a successful collaboration between social enterprise, Social Bite, and attorney firm, Murgitroyd.

About Social Bite

Social Bite are a social business on a mission to end homelessness in Scotland. They started out as a small café in 2012 and they now have a chain of five social enterprise sandwich shops across Scotland in which they employ people affected by homelessness, distribute more than 140,000 items of healthy free food each year, and host weekly Social Supper events which connect 400 vulnerable people with food, support and opportunities every week.

More recently, they have built the Social Bite Village, an innovative and highly supported community for people affected by homelessness. In everything they do, they are working to eradicate homelessness and support people who have experienced it into more stable home environments.

About Murgitroyd

Murgitroyd are an intellectual property attorney firm whose headquarters are based in Glasgow but whose reach is global, with branches across Europe and beyond. They specialise in patents, trade marks, designs, and copyrights.

The company believes strongly in the importance of corporate social responsibility and have a long history of supporting third sector organisations in the communities where their branches are located.

The Problem

The current crisis has exacerbated issue for all of us but none more so than the homeless community. As usual, Social Bite have been working tirelessly to provide support and solutions for as many as people as possible.

They are currently collaborating with another organisation to open up adequate accommodation to 20 people that would otherwise be completely destitute and street homeless. While this is good progress, they still needed to furnish the apartment and make it homely and fit for use.

One of their most pressing issues was that they were able to provide regular donations of food for the group but had nowhere to store excess items or perishables, so a lot of waste was produced. They needed kitchen appliances and they were struggling to access the necessary support for this.

The Connection

When Social Bite approached us with this problem, we knew that Murgitroyd were the right guys for the job. At the moment, most of the businesses and organisations we are working with are based in the East of Scotland, however, as Murgitroyd and Social Bite are both Glasgow based we felt it would make a natural partnership.

Murgitroyd were delighted to provide support and were able to donate kitchen appliances in the form of two fridge freezers to store food and allow the group to plan meals, cut down on waste, and stop relying so heavily on daily food donations.

CEO Ed Murgitroyd said: ‘We’re delighted to be supporting such a worthwhile cause in the city where our HQ is based. It’s one of many initiatives that Murgitroyd are supporting across our European and US office network and includes both financial contributions and staff volunteering.’

A Story of Success

There are so many wonderful companies such as Murgitroyd who understand the importance of supporting third sector organisations who are best placed to deal with societal issues. They had the resource to support the life changing project that Social Bite are working on and they were more than happy to provide it.

As connectors for good, we work to open communication between sectors and build one business community, ready to serve.

Ewain Black, Project Co-ordinator for Social Bite said about working with us:

‘Social Good Connect have been fantastic. We have been working directly with Fiona, who really listens to our needs and ensures that we get the support that we need. So far this has resulted in a donation from a company that allowed the project to get a good quality fridge and freezer. This will be fundamental for a project of this size.’

We are now working with them to recruit volunteers to paint the acquired accommodation.

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