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Meet the Team – Lennox Norrie, Charity Engagement Manager

Lennox patting a dog and sitting beside her sister outside on the grass.

What is your role in the team?

My role is Charity Relationship Manager. This includes reaching out to charities to bring in new clients and supporting them to get started. I also work with existing charity clients to help them find the right volunteers and optimise their opportunities for the best outcomes.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

My favourite thing about working with Social Good Connect is hearing success stories from charities and volunteers and hearing what they do, all the impact that they have, and who they support. It is very rewarding to work with our clients and service users, knowing that you’re helping them with what they do.

Also, I love working with the team, every day I am surrounded by a group of motivated people who inspire me with their commitment to social good.

What volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?

I volunteer with the Royal Voluntary Service, helping with the Home from Hospital service. We help the elderly who may not have family or friends around to support them. We do things like lending a hand with their shopping, making sure that they have something to chat with or have a cup of tea with. Generally, just making sure that they’re not lonely and that they have what they need.

I also help with the On-Ward service on Wards 5 and 6 at Ninewells, but obviously we haven’t been able to do this recently due to COVID. There are some elderly people on these wards who don’t have any family or friends to visit them for months at a time. We make sure they have someone to talk to. We quite often play games – they love teaching us to play cards – and love to have a chat with them!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I love dining out with my fiancé and trying new places. When COVID is over, we are planning to try all of the Michelin restaurants in Scotland.

I am such a bookworm, I always have my kindle in my hand!

Which of Social Good Connect’s values resonated most with you and why?

Delivering Impact – I think in today’s climate, people can be a little selfish and lazy. It is so easy to give half an hour of help and in doing so, making such a difference. I think people are intimidated by the word ‘volunteering’ but really, it is easy to do good. The smallest thing can have the most unexpected impact. So, I think I resonate most with delivering impact because I love to see that happen.

What is your favourite song?

Ooh La La by Faces

This is my favourite song because it reminds me of me of my fiancé Dominic, we sing it and dance to it all the time. It’s funny though, because I had never actually heard the exact words before, I always just loved the tune! Then I realised it was about how women will break your heart!! I still absolutely love it though – its so bubbly and makes me want to dance.

Who are the top three people you would have a meal with dead or alive?

My Grandad Jack, Dynamo the Magician, and Wes Anderson.

Because since he passed away several years ago, I miss my Grandad Jack every day and would give anything to have one last dinner with him. I would actually prefer that meal with just him. However, picking another two. I absolutely love magic and have wanted to meet Dynamo for a long time, hopefully to convince him to teach me some tricks! And Wes Anderson because his films are my absolute favourite – The Grand Bupapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs are my top two films, I would love to pick at his brain and meet the guy!

Can you share your favourite photo with us and explain why it is your favourite?

Lennox with her Grandad Jack.

This is me and Grandad Jack. We were very close. He passed away from dementia about 4 years ago. He was such a popular man and so loved by everyone and he is a massive part of why I volunteer now. If he didn’t have us when he wasn’t well, he wouldn’t have had anyone so I like to make sure that everyone has someone. I wouldn’t want anyone to be lonely. I thank him for so much.


Stay tuned to hear more from our team! In the meantime, take a quick look at the rest of our fantastic team here.

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