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Meet the Team – Hannah Tiffin, Project, Operations and Performance Manager

Hannah Tiffin - Project Manager

What is your role in the team?


My role is the Operations and Projects Manager. I support each team member to manage their workload and priorities and to ensure that we are aligned as a team. I also work with our technical partners, Vidatec to manage the ongoing work on the volunteering platform. I juggle our day-to-day tasks and help drive us towards our goals!


What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?


Being part of a start-up. It is a great opportunity, being part of the processes and organisation from the beginning. It allows us all to achieve the vision that we have set out for ourselves, which I think is great.


What volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?


Over the years, I have volunteered on and off with the Salvation Army, specifically in relation to homelessness. I love that they help everyone – a charity for everyone who are able to support all – it is always a constant reminder of keeping things in perspective.


Also, I try to donate to animal shelters whenever I can. Especially those who help animals belonging to homeless people such as Dogs on the Street.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working/what are your hobbies?


I love reading – I especially love a fluffy read I can get lost in for a few hours. I also always enjoy going out for dinner with friends!


I love travelling and researching where I am going to travel next. My happy place is always by the water, in sunshine or rain, there’s no better place to unwind. In every sunset, an exciting new day is on the horizon. This is Okinawa, Japan!


Beach sunset in Okinawa, Japan


Which of Social Good Connect’s values resonated most with you and why?


Being Brave – I like to work somewhere where we are not afraid to challenge the status quo and it’s okay to speak up if you disagree with something. Being challenged by others in the team in a healthy and constructive way always leads to new ideas and growth!


Doing Good too, I have always wanted a role that was really going to make a different that could be seen in communities and Social Good Connect is perfect for that.


What is your favourite song?


Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw


I love the message of the song and what it is all about. Plus, I love country music. I have seen Tim McGraw with Faith Hill live in Vegas and it was the best concert of my life!


Who are the top three people you would have a meal with dead or alive?


Michael Caine, my best travel buddy and Alan Watts.


I just love the message that Alan Watts puts across and I am always inspired by his idea that ‘life is not a journey’. And I think Michael Caine is an incredible character – it would be fascinating to sit down and chat to him about his career!


Can you share your favourite photo with us and explain why it is your favourite?


I am owned by two cats, Poppet and Tollie and love animals!


Hannah's cats lying on stairs


If you would like to read about more of our fantastic team, visit our blog or have a sneak peek of who is still to come here!


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