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The 5 Best Places to Find Volunteering Opportunities Online

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Here at Social Good Connect we know just how difficult it can be to find volunteering opportunities that are the right fit for you. Time and time again, surveys have shown that the most common barriers to volunteering include concerns about time commitment and difficulty finding the right opportunity.  

We believe that a coordinated employer supported volunteering program is the most impactful way to give back but, unfortunately, not every employer encourages this type of volunteering.  

Our mission is to make it easy for every employee one to volunteer, whether you have a lot of time to give or just a little. And we believe this your precious time should be spent doing good, not trawling the web for opportunities that might not even suit you.  

So, in the spirit of keeping things simple, here is our list of the 5 best places to find volunteering opportunities online if your employer isn’t yet on board...

1. Do-it

Do-it is a national database of volunteering opportunities. It is very simple to use, just enter your town or postcode and scroll through the list of opportunities that appears.  ‘Do-it from home’ button will bring up online or remote volunteering roles if you’d prefer to help from home..  

Each opportunity is formatted very much like a job listing with a brief overview of the role and the organisation and information such as ‘must haves’ (if references or background checks are required), ‘skills gained’ and ‘skills required’. There is also a simple graphic showing required times and dates. 

2. Reach Volunteering

Reach Volunteering is a UK skills-based volunteering charity. They specialise in helping non-profit organisations find reliable trustees but they also help individuals find suitable volunteering roles. As it is skills-based, volunteers must have ‘three years demonstrable professional experience in their skills’ in order to make a profile and connect with organisations. If you meet this criteria, you can make a profile, search potential opportunities and reach out to the organisations you want to work with.  

3. Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match is a global volunteer recruitment site where nonprofit organisations can advertise volunteering roles. As an individual looking to volunteer you must sign up to the website through email or social media before you can search for opportunities in your area. If there are no opportunities available locally, they will suggest a number virtual volunteering roles.

Nonprofits looking to advertise on Volunteer Match can use a free basic account to find and recruit volunteers, or they can opt to pay a small monthly fee to gain access to additional features such as embedding opportunities on their own site and the ability to send out automated, custom questionnaires.  

4. Neighbourly

Neighbourly describes itself as ‘The giving platform that connects businesses and local good causes to make a positive impact’. They help volunteers find opportunities as well as allowing organisations to promote projects and ask for help in the form of donations, volunteers or support from businesses. They also have a platform that connects ‘surplus food and products from stores and depots to local community causes that can put it to good use’.  

5. Volunteer Scotland

Volunteer Scotland is a Stirling-based nonprofit organisation that aims to ‘offer a one stop digital gateway to anyone looking for volunteer opportunities’ and to support organisations to advertise opportunities online. 

Volunteers searching for roles can simply enter their location and any keywords into the search bar and scroll through the list of matching positions. If you like the look of something, you can register your interest and provide contact details and a message for the charity you want to help. 

What now?

If online volunteering is something you’re curious about, now is a great time to do it! 

Meanwhile, if you’d like to volunteer through your employer and you think your employer would consider helping supporting you, click here to learn how Social Good Connect can help you and your colleagues enrich other people’s lives.  

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