How to add volunteer experience on LinkedIn: Step-by-step guide

4 August 2022

At Social Good Connect our mission is to show the value of volunteering. Our digital platform empowers employees to explore their personal ideal volunteering opportunities matching their skills, interests and passions. 

The work done by Social Good Connect also addresses the recruitment demand within charities in desperate need of volunteers to fulfil a wide variety of roles. We also help facilitate businesses, non-profits, schools and other organisations with the ability to support their employees’ volunteering pursuits. 

Whatever your goals and position in the workplace, there is a way Social Good Connect can expand upon your successes. You can find out more about the personalised help we offer, and our journey so far here. 

We appreciate that volunteers rightly have an abundance of reasons for deciding to volunteer, with many hoping to curate a professional portfolio of their achievements in order to advance a certain cause or their personal growth and career. 

LinkedIn is an ideal platform on which to demonstrate your volunteering experience to share with its 830 million members. And here is a step-by-step guide on how to add volunteer experience to your Linkedin profile.

Why Add Volunteer Experience to Your LinkedIn Profile?

There are countless benefits to showcasing volunteer work on LinkedIn. It is the ultimate way to fully round out your professional profile. 

Doing this will draw attention to a certain cause that may be meaningful to you, but will also demonstrate transferable skills and a resolute work ethic. 

Volunteering is particularly useful for those who may otherwise have a work gap period, are simply lacking paid experience, or have recently graduated. It proves that you kept yourself busy and continued to gain skills that will allow you to flourish in the workplace. 

On top of this, volunteering humanises you. When there are so many applicants to choose from, communicating your personality, beliefs and interests give hiring managers an insight into your character. It spotlights your community spirit, compassion and generosity that makes you someone who would bring real qualities to an organisation and would be great to work with.

Unsurprisingly, 41% of employers have said that volunteering experience made a certain candidate the successful one. And so here is how to navigate LinkedIn’s volunteering section.

Add Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn: Via Mobile App

After opening up the LinkedIn app and logging into your account, click on the small icon of your profile picture in the top left-hand corner. This opens up a side tab which presents you with the option to ‘View Profile’. 

‘View Profile’ takes you to a page like this, dedicated to you. Scrolling through this, you’ll see sections titled ‘Experience’, ‘Education’, and then ‘Volunteering’. 

The + sign allows you to add the details of your volunteering experience, including the organisation, the role, general cause, relevant dates and a description.

picture showing how to add volunteer experience on linkedin

The description box is a great opportunity to get your unique voice across. Readers will be able to sense the enthusiasm in your tone and gather a real sense of the value behind what you have accomplished. 

One way to do this is to be specific. Rather than listing the responsibilities you undertook, boast of distinct achievements you made during your time volunteering – share some human stories from your experience! This sets you apart from others who fulfilled the same role and its responsibilities, and reads less like a job description. Instead, it’s personal to you and draws attention to the real-world impact of your work, something we strive to celebrate at Social Good Connect.

To see how our volunteers have written in their own words about the value of their achievements, visit: 

Add Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn: Via Desktop

picture showing linkedin

After logging in to your LinkedIn account, you should see your profile picture in miniature labelled ‘Me’ in the top right corner of your browser. Clicking this opens a drop-down menu where you can choose to ‘View Profile’. 

picture showing volunteer experience added to linkedin

This leads to your profile where you can scroll down to the Volunteering section. Click the + sign to add the details of your volunteering experience. It should look something like this:

picture showing how to add volunteer experience on linkedin

Remember, celebrating your volunteer work doesn’t have to end here. LinkedIn is great for writing longer posts to share with your connections, and it helps to spread word of the nonprofit and causes your supporting.

Adding photos, videos and naming colleagues that inspired you or helped in some meaningful way can build a sense of community and widespread recognition for the cause you have supported. 

If you  want more inspiration on how to go about volunteering, visit our impact page. It celebrates the impact of our volunteer force who offer their time and skills to benefit the broader goals involving supporting vulnerable children, those with long-term illness, and people experiencing homelessness amongst countless other struggling communities.

Speak to one of our team  at Social Good Connect today. 

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