5 Purpose-led Businesses in Edinburgh we LOVE

5 Purpose-led Businesses in Edinburgh we LOVE 

25 August 2021

Recently we spoke about some of the brilliant charities operating in Edinburgh, but this week we want give a shout out to these incredible purpose-led businesses in Edinburgh who are harnessing purchasing power for good.  

Our experience of working with hundreds of businesses means we are constantly inspired by the innovation, creativity, and purpose of charities and businesses across the UK – we think you will be too! Here are five purpose-led businesses in Edinburgh that we LOVE. 

Matter of Focus 

For all organisations, evaluating and tracking outcomes is vital for securing much-needed funding and proving their impact, but it is not an easy thing to do.  

Matter of Focus founders, Dr Ailsa Cook and Dr Sarah Morton, combined their expertise for measuring evidence and outcomes to create a user-friendly solution through a simple framework that guides people through the process.  

They aim to ‘provide tools and techniques to bring together evidence, data and evaluation to ensure that projects and programmes work successfully towards outcomes… and can demonstrate that success to funders, beneficiaries and other stakeholders’

They are a registered B-Corp, a decision that made sense as they are very much a mission-led company. Co-founder, Dr Sarah Morton, told us 

At Matter of Focus we support organisations in the public and voluntary sectors and we know that budgets are tight. It does not chime with our personal or business values to be maximising profits in this environment. We need to be a sustainable business but making money and making a difference go hand in hand for us.” 

company whose aim is to help social organisations tell the story of their impact? We love it! 


Brewgooder is a beer brand on a mission – ‘to provide clean water for 1,000,000 people through the power of craft beer by donating 100% of [their] profits to clean water charities’.  

They quotealthough Scotland is known for being very wet, the world continues to face a world water crisis’. 

Founders Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn started Brewgooder with the idea that ‘the social power inherent in a good pint of beer enjoyed by friends was one of the most powerful forces on earth – if harnessed for good’ and they started to think about how they could do this.

They initially teamed up with Brewdog to create their ‘Clean Water Lager’, donating 100% of profits to clean water initiatives. To date, they have raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity and supported the installation of solar powered water taps and boreholes for easy access to clean water across Malawi.  

If you fancy purchasing some beer for good, every 24 cans of Clean Water Lager purchased through their online store will ‘provide a person in Malawi with life changing clean drinking water for a minimum of 5 years’. Cheers to that!  

Intelligent Growth Solutions

Intelligent Growth Solutions is an multi-award winning technology company that’s disrupting the agricultural industry by technologising farming. They specialise in vertical farming, using innovative methods of growing crops, well, vertically. So what does that look like?

Imagine towers of crops grown inside specialist warehouses, free from pesticides, fungicides and small pests that would normally compromise crop production. Their purpose is to create efficient solutions to a an age-old industry and to create an innovative staff culture.

Not only can vertical farming save land space, it also produces less CO2 and significantly reduces food waste with crops that can be grown all year round and that are ‘infinitely scalable’ according to a producer’s needs.

It’s not just about their impact on the environment, they pay attention to their overall ESG score. You can find information on how they commit to Environment, Social and Governance on their page here.

Good Loop 

Good Loop was founded in 2016 with one very ambitious aim: to make the internet a more positive place.  

They are an advertising company with a difference. They place traditional video or social media ads across the web but use their unique ethical formats so that when someone watches or engages with an ad, they unlock a free donation for a charity funded by the advertiser.  

They help brands to build their reputation and use their ad campaigns for good. Every time people engage with their ads, they not only showcase their products but support charities doing important work in communities.  

A recent campaign for beauty brand, Soap & Glory in April 2020 successfully raised £17,526 in donations for The Hygiene Bank, a charity which distributes hygiene products to vulnerable people across the UK. 


The UK’s first ‘wellness centre to combine personal training, group fitness, yoga, and mental health’, Projekt42 is a gym with a difference.  

Founder, Sara Hawkins, believes that mental and physical health are connected and was inspired by the idea that mental health services should be as easy to access as a gym class.  

At Projekt42 they have an extensive range of membership options from pay as you go drop ins, to a four week class pass which gives you access to the studio for a month to try it out with no-long term commitment, annual memberships and more. And they offer a huge range of classes and services including online counselling, physio-based exercise, and yoga.  

They aim to make improving your mental and physical health as accessible as possible and their unique ‘circular revenue system’ facilitates this. As they have no shareholders, they invest any profits into: 

  • delivering over 150 hours of fitness classes each week at the lowest price possible, 
  • encouraging family activities and removing the barrier of childcare with their on-site creche,
  • providing free and funded counselling services to the most vulnerable in the community, 
  • and supporting trainers towards industry qualifications and employment. 

Feeling Inspired by these Edinburgh Businesses? 

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