3 British B Corps we think you’ll love

31 March 2021

This month we’ve been celebrating B Corps and as we roundoff March, we wanted to take a moment to look at a few of our favourite organisations in the UK that are creating impact by putting the community at the heart of everything they do. 

B Corps are organisations that meet the ‘highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. The number of organisations gaining their certifications is growing year on year, and as Social Good Connect is a pending B Corp, we’re proud to be (soon) be on that list.  

With the growing number, we’ve picked some of our favourite three organisations that we’d love you to support.  


The Edinburgh-based brewery was featured on B Corp UK’s Best for the World: Community list in 2019, and it’s not hard to see why. Brewgooder are real do-gooders.  

With a mission to provide clean water to one million people by 2025, they’ve already influenced the lives of 125,000 people.

A certified B Corp since 2018, the nonprofit donates 100% of its profits to clean water charities, and has already directly funded two projects that have brought wells and clean water to tens of thousands of people in Malawi. 

But, their commitment to purpose and philanthropy doesn’t end there. Over the last tumultuous year, Brewgooder put their money where their mouth is to provide support for communities at home as well as abroad.   

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, they’ve started a bursary for BAME (Black and Asian Minority Ethnic) students to take part in Herriot Watt’s brewing and distilling course. As the ‘Work In Progress’ project has grown, founder Alan Mahon has committed to giving 100 hours of mentoring for BAME entrepreneurs.  

Aside from being really good people, they have even been known to brew a beer or two. Brewgooder has a range of pale-ale and tropical beers, such as mango & passionfruit ‘Moyo Juice’, and their award-winning ‘Clean Water Lager’ which promises that with every 24 cans sold, a person in Malawi is provided with clean drinking water for five years.  

Don’t worry about the pubs being shut, Brewgooder’s beers are available to buy online or at local stockists

Brew Tea

Whilst it’s good to see organisations so aware of their impact in their local communities, it’s also good to see a business that cares about its supply chain, home and abroad. Brew Tea boasts ‘tea that looks like tea’, with rolled whole leaves.

Based in Manchester, they work exclusively with Ethical Tea Partnership growers, which is working towards creating a more sustainable and fairer industry for the people who grow and pick tea leaves.  

B Corps embody the value that you must be the positive change you want to see. As the saying goes, ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’.

Brew Tea lived this ethos after their previous manufacturers could not make tea bags the way they wanted them. The company bought the machinery to make the tea bags exactly how they wanted them, with more tea! Their short but funny blog posts are self- deprecating and make for entertaining reading.  

And Brew Tea’s transparency is just as refreshing as their English Breakfast. From tea bush to cup, the company accounts for the tea’s journey and how the business operates. Each tea has a forensic breakdown of how to brew each type of tea, where the leaves originate from and even recycling advice.

They have even extended an open invitation for a tour of their headquarters in Manchester for anyone that fancies a peek!  

B Corp’s impact report has awarded them extra points for ‘supply chain poverty alleviation’, something that’s often overlooked despite some of the long-standing ethical issues the tea trade has seen.  

Check out their website to find out more.  

Social Value UK

Social Value UK (SVUK) is a national membership body that helps organisations to quantify their social value. Social value can be defined as the social, economic and environmental impact on communities, which is easier to measure holistically.

This B Corp helps businesses to assess their social value, providing accounting and assurance services and acting as the missing link in helping organisations understand their true value to the wider community.  

Bringing together individuals from a variety of industries, providing a space for like-minded professionals to connect about all things purposeful, SVUK is building a network of socially conscious business leaders.

As a national professional body, it provides its members with networking opportunities as well as professional development opportunities, seminars and training.  

By helping businesses to understand and measure their social value, they are paving the way to encourage more organisations to incorporate social good into their strategy, helped by global giant EY (Ernst & Young). 

As many as nine in ten businesses feel the pressure to improve their social impact for fear that they would risk their reputation otherwise. This B Corp looks to provide solutions to help businesses make sure they’re on the right side of public opinion, providing assistance to help move them towards their purpose goals.  

As part of the How Do Companies Act? group, which campaigns to reform legislation to require businesses to consider their social and environmental impact into their business model, SVUK has a very involved approach into inspiring large-scale change for the business sector, getting a big thumbs up from us! 

More Info

B Corps have long since recognised that not only is becoming a business-for-good desirable, it’s now a condition for long-term success.  

Changing consumer expectations means that putting purpose before profit will become the norm, and hopefully the list of British B Corps will keep on growing, with Social Good Connect soon to be on it! 

For a directory of B Corps you can support, click here.  

For more information on how you can move your organisation to incorporate volunteering as part of your purpose strategy, get in touch with our Business Engagement Manager, Sarah, at sarah@socialgoodconnect.org 

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